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ANIServer error on LMS 4.0.1

HelloAllthough Data Collection runs and I can see the topology I have the following problemssimilar the ones shown on the following thread:> Collection Settings> Data Collection> Data Collec...

rgomes by Beginner
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Broken FTP client. How nice.

Just replaced faulty (probably) 2811 with 12.4(24)T4 IOS with new one with 12.4(24)T5, and found what almost all config archives made byarchive log config  hidekeys path ftp://user:pass@service/config/routername/config write-memoryare truncated at so...

HUM 1.2.2 Interface Reports

Hi,I have attaced a Quick Report, Interface against our 6500's.Is there any way other than resetting the DB, to correct the silly figures for Interface UBS-S-001 6/1 (this is the second 720SUP, standby) ?Thanks

Ian Beck by Beginner
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Resolved! CWCLI and XML issue on RME 4.3

Hi All,     On a Windows 2008 Server with SP1 running LMS 3.2, I have a script that creates IOS configuration files with the appropriate XML command file for use with the cwcli config import function.  The XML file contains the following tags and val...

Resolved! Problem installation client for DCNM

I installed DCNM on a server 2003 64bit for administration of 4 Nexus 7000. The installation went normally. Now when I want to join server in http:@ipserver:8080/dcnm-client/index.htm, he always asks me to install java although I have version 1.6.0_2...

LMS 4.0 Hardware Report

I am looking for but not finding a simple report. I would like to query my LMS 4.0 data for a report containing a few basic fields:Device type, device name, IP address, and locationI can't imagine that's an uncommon need yet I don't see it in any of ...

802.1X and SysLog

Appologies for the duplicate post if you've already seen this, but I'm hoping that someone is this community may also be able to help.We're using 3750 and 3550 switches with 802.1X for authenticating devices to our network and I'd like to know how ma...

BlueyVIII by Beginner
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Resolved! Cat 6500 doesn't appear in Topology View after replacement of the Supervisor engine

Hi.I've a problem with a LMS 3.2 (latest updates).We've replaced the supervisor engine with a new one (there was no change in model or IOS).All is working fine, but only one thing is missing: The device was in the unreachable status in CM-Topology-Vi...

mfilser by Beginner
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