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Hi All,   I tried to install the Cisco Network Registerar on Centos 6. When I start the services I see everything working fine. The DHCP service doesn't get started at all. There is a issue while starting it. Please let me know how to trouble shoot t...

pachhapur by Level 1
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Hi All,We have a server which should be accessed by all the countries except few. So, wanted to know is there any by which we can block all the IP's beloning to a country on our ASA. This can be achieved by manually creating object group and calling ...

Hello,I have just installed Cisco Prime LMS 4.1 from .ova file on a VMware architecture. My customer wants to know if the server is compatible with vmware tools. I looked over Cisco documentation but it is never mentionned. Has someone allready take ...

Good day. I have a fresh install of LMS 4.0 on Windows Server 2008 Standart SP2. I have one NIC with static IP configuration. I also disabled DHCP client.The problem is follows: when I go toInventory - Device Administration - Add/Import/Manage Device...

Hello,I have huge number of the Cisco devices in the network and I want to maintain the Licence information of every devices, So now I want to do something like if my device licence's is expire it should alarm on device or SNMP server.How I can devlo...

abhi-adte by Level 1
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