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I am trying to make a script that will give me the uptime of the router and send it to a database. The problem I have, the part of the script that doesn't work, work if I execute it from the tclshell on the router.tclset value [snmp_getone public 1.3...

slauzon by Level 1
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hi all,i'am stucking in pickle, my replication link gets saturation almost 24H, so for that we are planned to increse the bandwith as showing bellow,my wonderings are :once we have increase our bandwidth, i want to apply the Qos, on that link. dispat...


I have about 15 c9300 cisco routers, in the past i've been able to ssh to the hq9300 router and in that router I can telnet to the others telnet 10.x.x.x, I haven't made any changes but now when I try to telnet to others i get a connection refused me...

chueymtz by Level 1
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Hello,So some time ago we started to notice something on our network. When downloading a large file, the download speed will gradually slow down and hit 0 and says "network failure." We managed to isolate the issue with the ISP (their devices were mi...

dannyh by Level 1
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