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Hi everyoneI have an issue to create VLAN on a router in packet tracer. Can you give me some help, please? The command is below: System Bootstrap, Version 15.1(4)M4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support: (...

Andy3055 by Beginner
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hi out thereI have a couple of Cisco ISR 4431 routers with IOSXE 16.12 running with a INTERNET vrf and the default Mgmt-intf vrf for management.Now have I defined a netflow exporter with source from Gig 0 - in vrf Mgmt-intf - and flow recorder collec...

tiwang by Participant
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Don't ask why    I would like to configure an on box script to monitor a route received from a specific BGP peer and then write a static route for that learned route. EX: if BGP peer sends me a BGP route for, I want to configure a sta...

jdub123 by Beginner
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We are about to deploy a Catalyst C9410R that is currently at 16.9.4.We want it to have the latest firmware version before we put it in service.When I go to the Support page I see:Gibraltar-16.12.6Download Options  Fuji-16.9.8Download Options  Bengal...

smith2487 by Beginner
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Hello, I've recently encountered issue with command authorization on Cisco ISE.We've got twenty Cisco access switches in our remote branch. There's a group of local admins who should be able to logon to the devices and execute the limited set of comm...

lnw-team by Beginner
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