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Hello,I was interested in checking out the QoS Policy Manager software but unfortunatley I don't have any servers that is not Windows 2003. QPM will work on Windows XP but CiscoWorks Common Services will not. Didn't know if anyone knows that there is...

Hello,When I launch an ipm job, it says source not responding like you can see in my screenshot. I have checked the IOS version and the snmp and ssh credentials are well configured. I have also made a show ipa sla application but I am not familiarise...

phtruchet by Level 1
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Currently, I install QPM with LMS3.1 and I have a problem with Cisco QPM. When I import 6509 VSS Switch from DCR to QPM then have a device could not be imported. IP address of the device is, the Device summary interface of QPM  displays ...

Hi all, I need to import a .my file downloaded from Cisco in order to monitor Digital Signage Manager notifications (snmp)1st .my file is and 2nd one is

Hi,I recently upgraded a test router from Adv Sec, Version 12.4(6)T11 to a newer revision in the same track Adv Sec, Version 12.4(15)T13 and completely lost EEM!On the older 12.4(6) version I had a basic test EEM applet but following the upgrade the ...

Hello community,I'm devolopping an SNMP application to monitor my Cisco energywise device.I'm using CISCO-ENERGYWISE-MIB to query the switch's database.I'm able to get and set througth my query all the information I need, But I can't create an Event ...

gimp by Level 1
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Resolved! Network Port Flap

We are having an issue of network interface flaps which is causing a port flap in our network. Our goal is to have a tcl script that will be able to run whenever we have 10 flaps within 10 secs, the script should be able to shutdown the port that is ...

nycha by Level 1
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