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Hi There, Just having issue with smartnet collect not going through the proxy setting/server.We have checked the proxy server and smartnet collect is not making connection with proxy server at all and tempting to connect cisco smartnet collector data...

Hello I need to upgrade the CIMC for a PI-UCS-APL-K9 but i don´t found the drivers or utility for this. I woud lie to know if i can upgrade this with the huu utility for ucs 220m4, or what could be the correct way to do that. Thank you

cnogueral by Beginner
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Resolved! tftp not working

I'm trying to upgrade the IOS on my 1761 using PumpKIN and it's failing.i'm able it ping the PC from the router and vis-versa.PumpKIN is giving me this msg:UDP packet received failed.inbalid opcode(0) during transfer received.Any ideas on what could ...

garyrivers by Beginner
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What options do I have to send a message live to already connected AnyConnect VPN users?  I would like to use it outside of the typical banner message for those who would not see the banner at login because they stay connected to the VPN for extended...

cyclotol by Beginner
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Beginner............. I  have found myself supporting a network within a private MPLS network.  VRFs are configured and  I have worked out how they operate at Layer 3 ie., VLAN interface and its routing information within each VRF as necessary, inclu...

SC856 by Beginner
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My web GUI to RV325 router worked but now I cannot access it any more. Everything including openvpn and VLANs setup are still working but I'm unable to access and make any changes anymore. Restart by turning power off and on does not help. Thinking u...

Dear colleges, please check the attached photo and my equation, is there a connecting between PC1 and PC4 that has different IP's and subnet Mask and how we can do that and if there is no connection why ?. thanks in advance.