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Trying to install a brand new RV340 using set up wizzard. Dynamic IP setupThe router will not pickup the IP and the technician on the supplier end can not see the Router.If old router is used to "open the connection" the router indicates that it is c...

Resolved! SSH Considerations

Hello guys,I have a set of questions relevant to SSH configuration:1. Is it necessary to use crypto key generate rsa ? why?2. What would happen If we generate keys and configure SSH, and restore this configuration into another switch/router?3. Is it ...

Hello, Still a new network guy here. Our organization is interested in changing the current 192.x.x.x ip addresses to a 10.x.x.x scheme. I have given interfaces IP's before and created DHCP pools before in labs... but I have not transitioned an exist...

_Chris_ by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, I  Have 3750 48 PS V2 which I installed a month ago and configured, it has been working fine but all of a sudden it just went off yesterday. There is a small flicker of the front led lights when you power it but just for a split second t...

Chapwe378 by Beginner
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EEM and TCL scripting are completely new concepts for me. I am using a Cisco 2951 ISR running IOS version Version 15.0(1r)M16 and I am wondering if it is possible to create a TCL script that can monitor the operational state of an FXO port and perfor...

Have a very basic question regarding Site to Site VPN Tunnels... Is it required to establish tunnel at the same time at both locations ?  i mean can one location configuration be done on one day and the other side configuration can be completed the n...

NeWGuy1109 by Beginner
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We use command snmp-server tftp-server to define the tftp server allowed to access our routers. Appears that in IOS XE 16.9, this command is no longer available and must be replaced by command snmp-server file-transfer access-group xx protocol tftp. ...

Hi allLast week, I configured EtherChannel port between 2 Cisco 9300, network diagram:        Cisco 9300 (Office)=====Leaseline ======= Cicso 9300 (DataCenter ISP) In 9300 (Office):Catalyst L3 Switch Software (CAT9K_IOSXE), Version 16.6.5 Group Port-...

giangle by Beginner
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Hi, can anyone help me? I am change IP on the client, when i go to Monitor / Monitoring Tools / Clients and Users , i got my client, mac,ip and other properties, table show me old IP. Then i run Refresh From Device, i got new IP from device, and go b...

Dred3000 by Beginner
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