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I am supporting a very large Gov customer with hundreds of locations.  Their network has a combination of legacy Cisco and Brocade network devices as well as the newer Catalyst 8000 and 9000 series routers and switches.  Upgrading the entire environm...

Hello communityNewbie question: I would like to read a further explanation for the followingWhat single access list statement matches all of the following networks? - access-list 10 permit

 I want  to design a simple network for the institution AIT. As part of the project i am to use cisco packet tracerto simulate my design  . The following requirements are to beconsidered;i. AIT has two (2) campuses (Seaview and KCC)ii. Specify the Ne...

Hello!I have a project work for school. In the "Budapest Net" workstation there are 2 subnets (, The first one uses VLAN 20, the second one uses VLAN 10. I used ROAS routing, the VLANs can communicate inside one VLAN. But ...


When I tried show memory in PI cli, I confirmed that free memory was insufficient. So, it is impossible to create a report. How do I check detailed information about memory? And where and what files should I delete to reduce memory?

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