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Resolved! Basic router configuration

Hello I am new in the networking and I am trying to configure my Cisco 888 router with 4xL2 ports. So I need to conect it to my ISPs modem and access internet. I can ping but I am missing something to have an internet access.Thanks in advance...

tafa by Beginner
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SSM On-Prem issue with IP

Hello,>> tcpdump -r pcaps:ssmonprem.pcapexecuting the logic for read!reading from file /var/files/pcaps/ssmonprem.pcap, link-type LINUX_SLL (Linux cooked)tcpdump: 18:33:08.689393 IP > Flags [S], seq 3739517...

billmoise by Beginner
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Callmanager MIB and OID

Is there a way a I can find more details about CISCO-CCM-MIB and its OIDs ? I am in a mid of uploading the CISCO-CCM-MIB  to Network Management App and select appropriate OIDs.. Can some one point me to a good document or link for monitoring the alar...

rhegde by Beginner
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Resolved! Router 888

Hello I have got this Cisco 888 router and I try to create my network. The problem is there are 4xL2 ports and I am not sure how to configure the VLANS. I recently started to learn networking and I am making a home lab now. So when I connect to the I...

tafa by Beginner
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SNMP statistics for GRE Tunnel interface statistics - not possible during the day

Hello !We use Cacti to get interfaces statistics of a ASR1002 router (version 03.04.02.S.151-3.S2).A new GRE tunnel has been created, but unfortunately we are not able to get basic interface average during the day.What is surprising is the fact the g...

Slow file copy

Hi all, I have this incident where user is having a very slow transfer speed from one of our Data Center server going to another server in a remote DC location. We tried checking bandwidth utilization from all the links where the traffic travers and ...

sheess by Beginner
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Monitor Anyconnect VPN Tunnel Traffic

Hello, We are currently using a ASA5545X with an anyconnect VPN using split tunneling.  With most of our users working from home, i wanted to monitor our anyconnect vpn tunnel to check the speed and ensure there's enough bandwidth so users aren't exp...

gtvit by Beginner
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