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Trying to figure an ACL design or at least troubleshoot. Cisco 4507 switch that I have 2 VLANs configured. One VLAN has an ACL applied as a "IN" statement, the second VLAN has no ACL applied. My question relates to traffic direction...when applying a...

johnny_5 by Beginner
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I have created a CLI template and now have 46 transcripts under the Job dashboard. Is there anyway to export the results from the Job Results to a csv or txt file. The template ran a bunch of commands like show run , show ver etc. It worked and now t...

Hello All, I have little to no experience with ACLs, and have a task I am trying to complete. I have two networks that I am looking to segment, VLANs 229 and 230. Here is the interface configurations on my router:interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0.229enc...

dc12132 by Beginner
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Hi Guys, We have ASR1001-HX and ASR1002-HX in our company. Each router has 8 x 1G ports and 8 x 10G ports. Currently we are using all the ports in 1002-HX and 1001-HX is out of production. During first implementation of our network local cisco suppor...

Chanuka D by Beginner
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Hi My Name Is Bobi1.In the attached scenario where the servers are located?2.Which switches should vlan routing perform?3.What form and protocol should be used for routing?Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions 

please respond any one my Cisco 4321 router has successfully power on but unable to enter in to configuration mode (mean not enter in to the modes user mode ....)just power on please give me solution whom we have a approach but it is not under in war...