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Bandwidth Issue

Dear Cisco Support,Greeting of the dayi have an issue with the bandwidth. i have a ILL of Reliance JIO 50MBPS. when i checked on laptop direct through line Customer end. i am getting total of 50mbps speed but when is plugging link wan port on router ...

rk6171485 by Beginner
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RV345 Frequent disconnection for VPN.

Hi, need some help. Would anyone have any idea what could cause frequent disconnection of VPN for RV345? Was not able to see what is the cause from the logs. Have to reboot it. Suspect could be due to cpu/memory resources not being released properly ...

buffy1289 by Beginner
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Event Manager Event syslog rules

Hi is there are document covering the rules for pattern matching syslog messages. I have a script to shut a port if an IPSLA times out. I put this together to automatically recover the interface when the following syslog entry is made   %RTT-4-OPER_T...

show install impact command

show install impact commandHi, I am trying to prepare for an upgrade to our Nexus 7K's. We are on code -7.3.7.D1.1.bin When i run the following command I get an error message which I can't seem to find any info on -  show install all impact kickstart...

Issues with switch configuration

Hello,I have set up my new home WIFI a few months ago and I have some issues I am unable to get hold of... maybe somebody can help, I think there is something missing which I just don't get... My hardware components:I have a modem provided by my ISP....

chrisse by Beginner
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Resolved! problem

hello everyone , I hope you are all well I connected kalilinux to eve_Ng but no commands work what is solution for that ?thanks for answering 

WS-C3850-24T-E POWer supply

Hi Team  I have WS-C3850-24T (None POe) switch with Default AC power supply PWR-C1-350WAC i want to install secondary supply in it as its an critical switch. I have a spare of PWR-C1-715WAC-P V01 can i use this power supply as secondary into the same...

Bhardwajp by Beginner
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How to find a rogue AP?

New on this job. Nothing was labeled, drawings are all off, and I'm going through and doing a physical audit of the whole network now. I have on the old controller (5500) an AP labeled in the basement, but guess what. No network at all down there, bl...