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Hello, I'm curious if anyone has suggestions as to how I can enable active monitoring of stacks of 3750 switches in Prime Infrastructure 3.0 so that it will generate an alarm if a stack member fails to boot. We recently had a power outage that caused...

I am using cisco 2911 router and system image file is c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-1.T1.bin I want to use ip sla monitoring to track the availability of my main gateway (default route to ISP1) and if it fails it will switch the default route to ISP2 ...

randms2610 by Beginner
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I have configured a NTP server on a Nexus 3548: hq3548Xsw01# sho run | incl ntpntp server use-vrf managmentntp source-interface  mgmt0   However, the switch is not pulling time. I want the switch to act as a client only.  No authentication...

How can you remove the error loading flash message?  I have tried everything I can find and after the upgrade I still get the error.  Loading "" no such file or d...

hi all i remember i had problem with STG that get wrong numbers and graphs from a cisco device and i searched the web for an answer and i saw that STG is not allways work fine! cant remember the site or link. now i cant accespt STG output and my mana...

reza-koohi by Beginner
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Hi, i need manage SG350/550 switches by CNA, is on roadmap support for this devices? When i try add SG350 in current version 6.3.3 i receive only message unsupported device. thanks.

mrkvicka by Beginner
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Hi. We have some Cisco ASA 55xx-X firewalls in use - every firewall configured in multi mode and with one or more port channels. Port channels configured in system context on ASA. Is there any possibility to monitor the bandwith, errors etc. of the p...

Dear community,     Background information and Issue: IOS menu is used after an initial SSH session to the router. Switch interface status ouput is one of the options in the menu. Currently rsh is used to output this but telnet is required in the vty...

Dear community,   I have yet another challenge and as much as I admire the possibilities with EEM and TCL. I am learning everyday and this technology is fairly new to me.   Goal: I would like to have a policy or applet running on the router, as the s...