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I have a 2811 that has a bad CF slot. I don't have a USB stick small enough (4GB is the smallest, unless it'll use it partitioned as a 2GB) to copy IOS to the 2811. Right now I'm trying to copy the IOS image via xmodem into DRAM and booting that way....

mzr by Beginner
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Besides a RW community string on Wired switches and routers in Prime Infrastructure, are there any other special configurations required (on the Wired switch or router side) in order for the templates to be deployed.Reason I'm asking is in my lab whe...

Rob Johnson by Cisco Employee
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Topology:Client <---> L2 <---> L3 <---> R1 <--- GRE ---> R2 <---> L3 <---> L2 <---> ClientThe L3 is used as gateway on each VLAN, and is therefor doing intervlan routing.VLAN topology on left side:VLAN 10 - Client - 10.10.1.xVLAN 20 - Server - 10.20....

Weeltin by Beginner
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Hi,I have set up the following in a lab:Prime Infrastructure 2.0 ( Secure ACS 2003 Domain Controller för AD AuthenticationGoal: Admin access to network devices requires Authentication via TACACS+ to ACS (-> Active ... by Participant
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Hi all,I have a really specific problem with exporting maps from WCS to Cisco PI 1.3. Here is the procedure I'm using to export:1. Login to WCS2. Monitor > Maps > Export Maps...3. Include map information is selected, same as Select all maps.4. Export...

                   Hi All,We have recently upgrade LMS 4.0.1 on Windows to LMS version 4.2.3.After this upgrade, there is one error that has started to occur on Inventory Dashboard in User Tracking Summary --> Unable to connect to Data base, Probable...

Hi everyone,I  am new to Prime Infrastructure, after the PI version 1.4 discovered the  network, the Collection Status of the switch is "Manage with Warnings". The error is shown in the attached picture below.What is the reason of this error? How to ...

Hello,I need an EEM applet to notify when a particular interface goes down (Cat 4k running 3.4.1). I notice, event track command is not available under event manager. track 1 interface GigabitEthernet0/0/2 line-protocolevent manager applet EIGRP-li...

amanashf by Beginner
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OK, I have a customer whom we are migrating from WCS to Prime Infrastructure 1.3. As I understand it, I need NCS in the middle to migrate from WCS >> NCS >> PI1.3. I have Prime NCS running, I followed instructions:

I have high cpu problem on  6509 VSS(VS-S720-10G).When VSS was connected to LMS or NMS, the cpu utilization of VSS was very high(MAX 100%).When they were not connected, the cpu utilization was normal.I think it is because of SNMP gathering on LMS/NMS...

kbkim1025 by Beginner
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