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                   HI,How much licenses does I have to count for 1 stack of (lets say 4 memebers) ?. I.E 1 stack is  1 license or is 1 stack #members in the stack licenses ?Before 1 stack was 1 license, but I've heard some things that this should be ...

janvandek by Beginner
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We have two 6509-E switches configured for VSS.  We want to monitor both switches using the CISCO-CAT6K-CROSSBAR-MIB, but when we poll with the OID's, we only get the stats from one of the switches.  For example, when we poll cc6kxbarStatisticsInUtil...

routercpu by Beginner
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                   I seen some behavior this past week that  I never seen before and am curious about it.  I am seeing SNMP coldstart traps that either are delayed by many hours or are false (e.g. right after receiving the coldstart trap a query to s...

Hi,I am working on a TCL script embedded in a MDF. That MDF is reached when a specific user logs into the router through a telnet connection (username <user> autocommand emm mdf <mdf>). The goal of that TCL script is to remove every static routes set...

HiI've made simple eem applet for shutdown the port which trigered storm control event.It is look like that:event manager applet shut-storm  event storm-control  action 1.0 cli local python bootflash:shut-storm.pyand the script isfrom cisco import CL...

Dear Team,We are not getting the alerts if the spanning tree loop occured in any device's interface. And also i wish to see bandwidth utilization for all the ports.Anyone could give me any suggestion on this..Thanks in advance

Hi i've configure my cisco router to receive the SNMP traps if the link goes up or down. However i found out that when i plugged out the cable i'm not receiving any link down on the network management system. Until i plugged in again the link will th...

bingxunnn by Beginner
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