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snmp traps to lms 4.2 ,

Hi Guysi have configured one of my device for testing purpose to send SNMP traps <ex,Link up/down to my LMS 4.2 , i have adminstravily shuted down the uplink interface of the switch , however from the LMS side , I didn't see any thing , pls help me t...

ASA 5510 denying local DNS Query

I have a ASA5510 ASA v7.0.8 in routed firewall mode. It is setup as the internal router and default gateway. I was asked to set up a wireless router, I chose a D-Link DIR-815 (we are a small buisiness). I have it all set up but I cannot get any name ...

EEM requirement

Hi,Can anyone let me know which IOS version has EEM 3.1 version available.i need to run applet on 6500/3560/3750/2360/N7KPlease let me know the what can be done to get my below mentioned applet get work.event manager applet Add-vlanevent cli pattern ...

Resolved! EEM Won't Work

Hello all,Can someone please tell me why this EEM won't work?event manager applet test1 trap event snmp oid . get-type exact entry-op eq entry-val "down" poll-interval 2 Basically, the event should be triggered if an ospf neighbo...

Resolved! Need help deciphering SNMP response

There's an OID for NTP,, which returns a HEX-STRING value that's 8 bytes long.  Here's sample output, taken at 1 second intervals, for 1 minute:SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = Hex-STRING: FE 72 63 D4 88 07 B5 2...