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Dear all,    Recently, I prepared and deploy a network monitoring system to monitor the new generation Nexus connected network.  With using snmpwalk to query the interfacs information from the Nexus 5000 switch (one Nexus 2000 is connected to it via ...

Hi,I'm facing an issue since i change my SDSL operator (4Mbits/s). When someone dowload something, all the bandwith is use and the delay increase... and it's slow !!! I have only web browsing and FTP, no Voice!I think i must limit the use of bandwidt...

gmerot by Level 1
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I have had hit and miss with the EEM  but lately it has stopped working completely. My intent for this EEM is to shut the port if port status show down/disconnected (either system reboots or someone pulls the cable)track 2 interface FastEthernet3/7 l...

nawas by Level 4
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HiQuestions -1. when user use internet browser go see a website in the office, - its ourbound traffic, right?2. Mail server(in the office) open POP3 and SMTP. - its inbound traffic?Thank youJessie

jessie by Level 1
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Hi, I've got an issue when trying to set QoS nested policies as follows. The Topology is:(Carrier MPLS Network)<----- WAN----> (Cisco 2921 Router)<--- LAN_Core_Switch --------> (LAN_Segment_A)                                                          ...

Hello Community,Sorry for the confusing heading...I'm trying to establish if its possible to have a EEM or Tcl that can monitor multiple tracking states and send an email and syslog alert depending on the state of a tracked state. I took the followin...

Hi People,I'm looking for a way to monitor the state of externally connected power (XPS-2200) through a stack of 3750x switches.I'm sure this can be done through SNMP somehow. If I could get an MIB to suit that would be helpful. I haven't managed to ...