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Dear all,              I add 4510 and 4507 in zhe  LMS ,but fault discovery failure.             Can  somebody help me           And  the job Inventory Collection also failed on 4500 and nexus ,Error message as shown below:Thank you

I am trying to setup snmp to tftp the run/start config files.My test setup is using a 3745 with 12.4(25d)snmpset v1.01 from snmpsoftI think I am close but continue to get an errorHere is the command I am using (line broken for clarity)snmpset -r:10.0...

Hello All,This is my first time here and hope this is right place to post this:I have a TCL script written by a very help person that sends a tone over my PA System from my CME.  I would like to have an EEM script to automatically run the script at c...

hi,I manage this network of thousands of subnets, basically a 10.10.x.x / 25 or 26I need some software (other than excel) to keep track of what subnets are fee to be used and which ones are not with the ability to put notes on the subnets.ideally a s...