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I'm trying to use the vpn failure tcl script that was written/contributed by :  David Lin. I am trying to modify this so that I can get my ivrf information per peer. We have multiple instances being a multi-tennant data center this being on our hub f...

tschouten by Level 1
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I am interested to get UT for ip-phone, I have Avaya Call manager and Avaya Ip-phones, is that can be done? or the call manager should be CCM (cisco call manager) to get the detail information on UT? if that can be doen what's the first step should I...

I have a Cisco 3725 router in my lab setup. It is having a faulty fan & every 30s below syslog message appear & fill up my logs.Jul 26 11:19:38.637: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fans had a rotation error reported.Jul 26 11:20:08.639: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fans ha...

Hello All,I'm looking for features of NAM 3.0 which may help on daily operational basis, below are few questions regarding the same:1. Can NAM give real time data showing which IP addresses are connected to a particular server?2. Can it provide detai...

after i reboot the server, then i check  cisco works  "divice and credentials"this appeared"Error in communicating with DCA Server. DCA Server may be down. Please start the DCA Server and then refresh the page"in the divece center , is null i dont kn...

Ning Xu by Level 1
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Hello Community,I have been evaluating the attached script. It appeared to work on my GNS3 lab, but when I apply the script to our production equipment it won't work.I tested it by changing one of the environment variables to:event manager environmen...