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I am trying to configure a router as a terminal server and wanted to use a single IP address per terminal line, so that you could ssh to the ip address and connect direct to the console port.Does anyone have a working configuration of this setup?

cisco by Beginner
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Hi,I would like to know whether LMS 4.1 (local server mode) has the ability to relay syslog messages received from devices to an external syslog server?  If so, how do I configure such?From reading the document and going through the LMS 4.1 GUI, it a...

bcho by Cisco Employee
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Hi,We need to get the MIB /OID information for 6500 series switches. Especially we need to monitor the Gig interface “input & output” traffic rate for every second.Switch model: WS-C6509-E / SUP 720We tried the below value but not getting proper outp...

gururajan by Beginner
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Hi all,i got problem to explain to my boss which this related to reports from Ciscoworks HUM.the graph of availability shows that between 21 - 28 April, the switches got problem which are indicated as "less than 1.0".is that proven the switches got d...

Hello.I am new to the Cisco worldThere's a task where I need to extract the ip address of an interface from the cli output.I am trying to accomplish this via EEM.The script is working when I input the "sh ip int brief command"However when I replace t...

I recently deployed Flexible NetFlow on some of my 2821 routers (Version 12.4(9)T3). This was required because I needed to export my flow records via an IPSEC / GRE tunnel, and traditional NetFlow wouldn't encapsulate within the IPSEC tunnel. So I mi...

bkozan by Beginner
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Greetings.  I am looking for input from someone that has some experience using Smart install in a production environment.I have a number of remote sites that I manage.  We generally lease LAN equipment and it seems that I am constantly rolling out eq...

jedavis by Enthusiast
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Hi,We are implementing a new supervision which uses the netfflow and s-flow  ressources.But the licensing of this  product  is based on the number of flow  records.What is the formula to calculate  the numbers of flow records ?Thanks,Franck

FranckL by Beginner
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