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Got all ASAs not manged. All ASAs keeps unmanaged because they are at "Managed Devices List Not Matching With The Policy List".But I didnt configured any policy nor I dont know about such policies. I want ASAs to get managed. What poilicy is ment and...

Hi, This may be a simple question but for the life of me I can't seem to find a reference for how to do this... Building was recently upgraded from cat3 to cat6 wiring and I'd like to ssh into each Cisco C3750 stack and change every port on the stack...

brian by Beginner
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Hi Expertsi m looking for the public below links since i don't have CCO account to read this as i got "forbidden"1. Use the Reporting features in LMS 4.0 to generate a 24 hour syslog report to view all the syslog info from the devices.http://www.cisc...

hiya,in one of my LMS3.2.1  installations I find that rtr2900 RME4.3 package are gone/not thereI can not find it on regular CCO, nor as a device update, via LMS-CS/Cisco repo doesnt show the package eighter ...(i have patched the CS with cwcs33x-win-...

mbilgrav by Participant
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Hi guys,I have a TCL script that I am writing which displays a menu and allows the user to choose different options to view the status of customer circuits, etc.  The script is pure TCL, since I need it to work on both IOS and IOS-XR (which does not ...

nasvos by Beginner
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Hi, I have a cisco 2811 router with 2 wan ethernet ports and 4 lan ethernet ports, 2 internet connections (1 is FTTC (vdsl) connection so I configured pppoe dialer and 2 is Virgin media connection to the VM router so its simple ethernet connection wi...

k_romych by Beginner
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Hi Everybody,After an upgrade from LMS 4.2 to 4.2.1 Legacy menu is completly empty. Anyone resolved this? Is it a bug? If it's empty, how to get to some of DFM options (like rediscovery, discovery status etc.) They seem not present in "Site map".Gree...

tomeq82 by Beginner
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I've frequently seen recommendations to have a separate "management VLAN".  I guess the main ideas are:a) to keep managment-traffic and data-traffic out of the same Layer 2 broadcast domain?  (So that rogue stations in the access-layer can't sniff ma...

dtbullock by Beginner
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Hi Guys,My Customer will do upgrade CUOM 2.3 to 8.6 and have the following doubt, about the hardware/software requeriment                   Hardware-          4 vCPUs ·        16 GB de memória ·        100 GB de HD Software·        Windows 2008 32 bi...

wilsonsant by Frequent Contributor
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