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VOIP Home lab

quick question, I'm also looking into a voip home lab. Does callmanager 4.x requires a license on vmware?So the ip phones do not require licenses at all? How about if integrating the ip phone to lets say my Vonage box?If license is an issue with call...

opers13 by Beginner
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packet life

hi i want to understand the voice packet life cycle, can someone guide me to good a link/doc that will explain how voice packets traverses ethernet and wan links, or short each step of a voice packet life..thanks in advance

Unity Express question

I have a client that is looking to deploy CCM Express and Unity Express. My question is: does Unity Express support integration with Exchange like the standard Unity. Also, if anyone knows of issues or "gotchas" for the CCM Express/Unity Express pl...

jfarrer by Beginner
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Resolved! CCM 5.1.2 OS Platform

Hi,While browsing the documentation on cisco website on CCM5.1.2, I noticed that it does not mention which OS is supported.My question is, will I be able to install CCM 5.1.2 on a Windows platform or only Redhat Linux is supported?Are there any other...

aseychell by Beginner
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7961 froze at upgrade screen

The 7941 was in the middle of an upgrade and froze. I have a 7941 with the SIP 8.0.2 SR1 firmware and wanted to upgrade it to 8.3.1. I factory reset the phone and after it received it's IP address through DHCP, it froze at the Cisco logo with the "Up...

netce by Beginner
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