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Hi,I'm looking at setting up object tracking as a failover for our frame relay link from Uk to US and would like some advice. We have 2 x 2500 series routers handling this circuit as well as 2 x 515e PIX's acting as our internet gateway. I basically ...

bowser by Beginner
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Resolved! Strange Nat Issue

Hi,I have a router (config is basically the same as 20 other routers we have installed)Outbound nat works ok and the users can get out without an issue. However when we try to telnet into the router from the outside (837 ADSL PPPoA) we cannot get a c...

If you change the name of an existing VTP domain will the configuration be wiped out?What needs to match in order for a switch to overwrite another switches vlan database? For example:If 1 switch has a domain name configured, no password and a high r...

chrish by Beginner
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hiI have two sites with two 4506 running HSRP on each site.I tried connecting between them with parallel routed link,so that i have a backup link in times problem would occur.But during simulation the link does not failover to the second link.Im usin...

rmphil199 by Beginner
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I have two subnets bridged together with a Cisco 1600. The subnet also connects to the internet via another Cisco router.Internet<--rtr--><--><--rtr--> stations on the 2.0 subnet can ping all the stations on the...

gregj by Beginner
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