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ISDN debug messages

Can anybody please told me what is the meaning of this message Nov 21 21:27:11.419: ISDN Se1/0/0:15 SERROR: nfas_T3OOS_timeout()i configured an isdn pri line and the line is up and down and affter i enable debugs i find the following output:Nov 21 21...

tamer by Beginner
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EIGRP load balancing, traffic shaping frame relay serial and PNT to PNT

Can I do a load balancing on a cisco 3640 router ? It has two CSU/DSU. One runs a frame relay with traffic shapping enabled, and one runs a point to point leased line. The frame relay runs also a VOIP. which is not on the leased line.Any help in th...

AS5300 crashes

One of our AS5300's has started crashing daily. This machine has 192 modems. We have contacted the telco and they are saying that they can find no reason on their end for this to be happening.We have taken the machine down, cleaned it and re-seate...

dboutell by Beginner
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