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hallo ...bin nicht sicher ob ich hier richtig bin.......es geht um ein VPN Konzept für die ZUKUNFTUnser bisheriges VPN Konzept legt fest das der I/O Verkehr über ein Interface geht......also vpn einwahl und datenverkhr über nur ein Interface.Sollte n...

mihuebner by Beginner
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The unit start with microphone when green light. Sometimes only show orange light. I tried to update with s60000cc1.3.0.exe, s60000cc1.4.0.exe, cc1.5.0; but the issue persists: no video. The OS is Win7 Home Premium. The unit is identified by the syst...

Hi all,Many, many apologies if this is not the right area for this..... I have been working on Cisco gear for many, many years, but have recently been given a project involving some Juniper Equipment (MX240), of which I have to create an LNS across t...

CliveAllen by Beginner
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Hi guys. I'm trying to configure snmp server (zabbix) for my asr5k.  I uploaded  STARENT-MIB in mib's directory on zabbix server (/usr/share/mibs). I want to configure the state of SCTP sessions. I found certain OID in Cisco ASR 5000 SNMP MIB Referen...

Yuliya S by Beginner
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State of the new license seems to be inactive. For the license to active do we need the card installed first?Find logs below:StoreIndex: 2   Feature: 10GEupgradelicense                Version: 1.0        License Type: Permanent        License State: ...

Dear all, I am new in here and I hope to find my answer. I'm working on sub ISP company which provide internet and ipvpn services to customers through infrastructure of main ISP internet service provider. We have a central data center which a lot of ...

Asemmoqbel by Beginner
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