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Hello, I have just received an ENCS5412 for testing. I have successfully installed an ISRv on this platform and connected to another MPLS router. The routing and the LDP between ISRv and the other MPLS router is working fine, but I have MTU issue bet...

atis by Level 1
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  Hi, someone can explain what's the difference between SW package, asr900rsp3-universalk9.03.18.03.SP.156-2.SP3-ext.bin and asr900rsp3-universalk9_npe.03.18.03.SP.156-2.SP3-ext.bin. I saw both are for ASR900 series, I'm using ASR903.   ...

Hi Guys,i try to configure a BRAS solution for PPPoE/A termination.When try to connect a client i receive the following error:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Hi,Customer having issues with remote log-in on DPC3848.  Not getting remote access to the cable modem; Web access via the WAN, telnet access and SNMP do not work.  All queries do not work.  One of the queries being sent is a snmpget for the system d...

Kenny Hong by Cisco Employee
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Hey guys!I am currently troubleshooting an issue concerning WCCP on our new BNG (ASR 1001-X).We migrated from C3900 to ASR1001-X and here we are coming to troubles, because the Cisco AVPair-Attribute for WCCP seems not to work (anymore)Here is the at...