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VSM 7 NTP Problem

Dear All,I am having problem with Synchronizing NTP with VSOM / VSMS 7. They are co-located, and I have configured NTP both on Core Switch and a Server and pointing the VSMS to those IP, but still I am receiving error regarding the time difference.An...

CPAM 1.4.1 profiles

Hey Guys,I have been trying to find an answer to this question for a week now. I am trying to create a profile that will have access to edit badges and change the cisco access policy on the badge but only for specific heirarchal locations.  So far I ...

Resolved! Requirements to Upgrade 6.3.2 to 7.0.1

Hi,I need to know the requirements to upgrade from VSM 6.3.2 to VSM 7.0.1. I need the following clarifications:1- Licensing Model (Do the customer needs to pay for this upgrade)2- Upgrade Possibility (Can we upgrade directly or do we need to upgrade ...

haris_qazi by Beginner
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VSM 7.0 Digital Zoom?

When viewing live or archived video in VSM 7, I am unable to digital zoom more than 1 click. When I right click and choose Digital Zoom, the window-in window pops up, and I can drag it around a tiny bit. But no matter where else I click I can't get i...

Resolved! VSOM/VSMS over population

Hello,I am starting to learn the Cisco camera system and jumped into this half way through the vendor install so I am limited in skills.  My question is this, We currently have four 4U servers running, we can call them VS1,VS2, VS3, and VS4.  VS1 has...

dean-lamb by Beginner
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Any type of log at all

Is there any type of log at all in all of the Physical Security Implementation that would detail the "daily goings on" of a given camera system installation?  What do you guys use to diagnose problems that have occurred in the field at a remote camer...

Resolved! Endpoint Error Unreachable VSOM 6.3.2

Hi,I am trying to deploy Cisco Video Surveillance but having this error while adding IP CamerasError:Endpoint Error <Cam_Name> UnreachableThe VSMS, the VSOM & IP Cameras all have reachability. The login credentials are also correct and I also tried a...

haris_qazi by Beginner
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