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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Hello   Our new ISP is going to provide either the Cisco 4331 or 2901 as the edge router. It was difficult to find an apples-to-apples comparison but from some reading online it sounds like the 4000 series replaces the 2900 series, however the throug...

aok by Level 1
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good day cisco pros - i have a little prob. and i cant seem to find my answer, long story short, i need to install a HWIC card on one of our routers for additional connection changes, my problem is - as many i work remotely and have no way to tell if...

mrochac by Level 1
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This may sound like a lame question but we have to open the top off of our cisco 3845 router and so far we have only been able to take the front panel off??We need to install an additional piece on the motherboard.Any suggestions/advice would be grea...

 Some problem happens to my CGR 1120, the CGR can only autoboot to rommon-1, the log follows:  IOFPGA @ 0xd0000000 version=0x20020900, datecode=0xd091e17 CPLD version 0xeReset reason (1.0):   CLI initiated reloadBIOS Version: Build # 14 - Wed 04/30/2...

nyi2 by Cisco Employee
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My company has four sites connected over MPLS using BGP and within each site we use EIGRP.  In each site we have a vlan (lets call it vlan 3) that needs to be segmented from the other vlans at layer 3.  Within the individual lans this would likely ju...

Hello All,   I am studying for my CCNA and I am having some problems understanding PPP vs PPPoE.   The way I understand it is that PPP is serial communication Layer two protocol. It helps establish and authenticate a connection between two nodes.. PP...

oogando by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I have a routing scenario, hope someone can give me some insights. I just brought up a new office using a pair of Nexus 7706 connecting to my data center over 2 L3 10Gig links (see diagram). I am also using a pair of Palo Alto 5250's run...

HQ Campus - Data Center WAN Layout v1.0.png
dtran by Level 6
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HiI am trying to think of a way to apply a bandwidth limit based upon Source IP subnet.I need to have the ability to limit both the outbound and inbound traffic.So I created the following config:policy-map bw-limit-inbound class bw-limit-class  polic...

Hi,    I am trying to configure anycast routing ibgp(same as numner) and having problems.  I have two routers advertising same prefix but in different location. Apparent the best prefix is always from lowest router id. How can i solve this issue in s...

Hi,Is it possible to use a cisco router, in this case a cisco 887, to bridge an external ip address to a device behind the router?I need this because i only get 1 IP Address from my ISP and i want this IP address on my ASA.I was thinking of a bridge ...

javdakker by Level 1
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I apologize for asking a question that I should probably know the answer too, but was just wondering if there is a trick that can be done here.   Is it possible to have 2 different public IP addresses resolve to the same internal IP address?   So I h...

Amafsha1 by Level 2
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