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Hello, I'm in the midst of setting up redundant MPLS routers to connect up all our branches.  We currently only have 1 WAN router for MPLS and are adding a second.  I have attached a picture that will make the story more clear.  For the sake of this ...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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Hi here! i was confused about pinging address of network i've the next scheme: i sending ping from R1 to the address, and R2 reply to me from the linknet of address, as result, i can see replay on R1. R1#ping Type es...

ping.png ping2.png
unfraget1 by Beginner
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Hi All,   Eigrp topology table contains successor , feasible successor  & non successor  routes. If eigrp looses successor & feasible successor routes will it re run dual for best route in spite of having non successor route.   Is there any differenc...

Hi All,    Im wondering if someone can help me configure a way to make some IPs go through WAN1 and someothers IPs (from the same LAN) go through WAN2. I have been trying for long time now with no luck. Thanks in advance!   Best regards,

d3tonador by Beginner
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Hello guys, I have very urgent question that I need to get answer quickly. Here is the case: --------------------------------------------- R1 interface Ethernet0/1ip address   router bgp 64333 bgp log-neighbor-changes nei...

881 router A has GRE tunnels to three other routers across internet (B, C, D) . All were working fine. Yesterday, router A began exhibiting problem communicating with the other segments over the tunnels: Packets began to be dropped tunnels became unu...

darndt by Beginner
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I was given informed via a Cisco AE a few months ago that Meraki was “soon” coming out with an MX model with built-in cellular/4G support, whereby you wouldn’t need a 3rd-party USB-connected solution (via CradlePoint, etc.).  I was hoping it’d be ann...

Hello   I have a single gig WAN link to our back up Data Center. The WAN routers peer with BGP. The WAN routers distribute route to a Layer 3 switch running EIGRP. I am getting a second gig WAN link from another provider for increased Bandwidth and r...

dcarr3311 by Beginner
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Can anyone help me to understand the issue. From provider's perspective client is asking for layer 2 vpn connection between their 2 sites as well as they wants their 2 sites router will discover one another by layer 2 such as cdp. For more clarificat...

olly ahmed by Beginner
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Hello, I am in the process of upgrading a network to Cisco equipment for a business partner. We will be using a WS-C2960X-48TD-L as a "pass through" router. (I may be using the wrong phrase) The site has a 100 Mbps internet circuit that we want to co...

lopema2013 by Beginner
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Hi huys, I'm truing to get 4G communication working on my router, but it doesn't work.Is there any specific config related to the country (in this case belgium, proximus provider)? Below the output sh cell 0 allAlthough the LTE preference setting is ...