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Hi    I have two point to point link on a single router/Switch and using OSPF on the same. Now we have two requirement:   Condition 1:  if there is Jitter, delay, packet drops on primary link due to bad link (carrier network issue). Router should tra...

Hi Friends,I have a strange issue with simple GRE Tunnel. There is a Tunnel configured between Downstream and Headquarters. However, the tunnel is showing down even though all the configurations are in place. config details is as attached. We have co...

We're migrating from Cisco 2911 Router to Cisco ISR 4321 Router. 2911 Configuration: --> 2 WAN 10Ge Ports, 1 is Assigned to WAN & 2nd is Assigned to Internal Network with Sub-Interfaces. --> EIGRP Routing connecting to other sites via Multipoint GRE ...

Arpit_ by Beginner
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Hello,   I am trying to carve a TCAM region to configure static MPLS on my Nexus 9300 (93180YC-EX) running 7.0(3)I4(2).   The documentation suggests using command "hardware access-list tcam region mpls ...". But it seems the command is not supported ...

dipeshm by Beginner
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I'm trying to figure out why my Cisco ASA seems to be dropping packets. This is giving me a poor network connection with lots of timeouts. I cleared the asp table to analyze recent traffic drops:   # show asp dropFrame drop:  NAT-T keepalive message ...

asdfasdfff by Beginner
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Hi Guys,   We have a 50M p2p Metro E circuit between two locations. We had ordered this 50M circuit with 5M COS for Voice. Now, our requirement is to increase the Voice COS BW to 10M.   But, the carrier says "Elink+ bandwidths are equivalent to a gua...

Hi, I'm trying to add 2 SFP modules to my ASR 1001. There are Cisco SFP GLC-LH-SMD. In Cisco compatibility matrix this SFP are supported by ASR 1000 series but when i'm connecting one I've got following message in logs: *Oct 29 06:09:49.108: %TRANSCE...

In a meeting recently and the question was asked how do we provide a SIP trunk to your existing avaya session manager PBX box. well not sure because how does each carrier handle sip trunking is there a standard around for SIP or something that goes h...

When I try to do a config revert of a Cisco 4451 code 16.03.5 an message comes up.  I was wondering if anyone know what it is?   config t revert timer 10 %No Rollback Confirmed Change pending   I enabled archive path flash:  should I do archive path ...

ubsaccount by Beginner
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Hi A quick question, does the 802.1q VLAN trunking functionality exist in the LAN base image of the 3650, or do I need IP base? If anyone can also point me to an actual reference for this info, that would be great. Thanks, Michael

mlsc by Beginner
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We have a 3925E voice gateway that rebooted because of the below error. I found this bug CSCui08221 which I believe is the root cause. Can someone confirm this? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I have attached the crash file for review i...