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Resolved! Cisco 2911 with multiple Internet connections

I'm sure this question comes up alot but i cant find a deffinative answer.We are about to install a cisco 2911 router to replace a linux based router.The Cisco will have 5 gig ports, 4 ports connected to DSL modems each modem connected to a different...

andy_4578 by Beginner
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Dear All, My name Mano working as network engineer, currently I do the migrating from GRE Point-to-Point VPN to DMVPN. For GRE Point-to-Point they using Crypto Map on the physical on the interface for encryption method. The connection to HUB and SPO...

How many BGP routes can C3825 store

Hi all please check my device screenshot i used to store more then 120,000 routes on my C3825 router but from the log output  , my device was out of memory to store BGP route , and the total numbers of BGP routes was only more 52,000. any one know...

gbcbooksmj by Beginner
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WCCP return traffic - L2

Hello All - I am reading a WCCP implementation document. There it is mentioned under "Return Method" as below. But i dont understand why WCCP Client and Hosting systems should be on different VLAN? Layer 2 (L2) –The destination MAC address is set to ...

Resolved! VLAN over Wireless Bridge

I currently have the following scenario:  Our corporate HQ has a Cisco ASA 5512 connected to a 3524XL switch in default (stock) config, switch has a PIDU Plus connected to it that bridges over to our remote site a few miles away. On the remote site ...

Can PBR and route map work on IPBase image 3850 and Whether PBR is correctly configured by me ?

Hello experts, Kindly suggest me the configuration change required or if wrong any. Scenario: I want Wired users to go to HQ from MPLS line 1 and Wireless Users to go via MPLS line 2 and when one of them were not available it should fall back to ava...