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Dear Cisco-Community, I try to mirror one uplink port (Gi8) of my Cisco892 to a switchport (Gi2). Is it a bug or a feature that I cannot mirror uplinks(Gi8-9), but switchports(Gi0-7) do work? Uplink not working: C892-(config)#monitor session 1 sour...

I'm trying to make sure I understand exactly how an ASBR sets the forwarding address on a Type 7 LSA, and am not quite putting the final pieces of the puzzle together.  I have a router, R7 that is redistributing EIGRP routes into an OSPF NSSA area.  ...

I am new in Dynamic routing. I had learnt about it during my CCNA classes and never got the opportunity to work on it. Now, i am supposed to configure BGP in it.  The scenario will be like this: Router>>>>Firewall>>>switches I will need to know how i...

Background - Doing an upgrade for a client and I am not a rocket scientist with ASAs. Upgraded from a 5505 to a 5515 with very little issues. Currently there are about 9 VLANS on the LAN or INSIDE interface. Only VLAN 1 has internet access. In order ...

smcneil by Beginner
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Resolved! ospf

Hi All, Is it possible to see the prefix or subnets advertised within an area ? I know you can see that using LSA type 3 in a different area or n ABR but cannot see it within area For instance to R5 as follow R1-->R2-->R5 R1-->R4-->R5 What I am ...

cisco8887 by Explorer
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Hi to All, hi have a cisco ASR9001-S with the following softarware: RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:CA5-ASR9K-BGP-01#sh install active Fri Jul 15 05:40:29.841 UTCSecure Domain Router: Owner   Node 0/RSP0/CPU0 [RP] [SDR: Owner]    Boot Device: disk0:    Boot Image: ...

Hi All, I'm learning the use of pseudowire l2tpv3 tunnels and have a couple of questions. I understand there is a 40 byte overhead to to using pseduowires.Do we need to account for this extra overhead on any interfaces? Within our network we have L3 ...

I'm have a trouble understanding access-list. I know extended you want to put closest to the source, and standard closest to the destination. However, I am confused on what is stopping my traffic from reaching the internet. For my access-list, I have...

Shawnw4401 by Beginner
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