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Attach snap: I have two server having LAN & WAN IPs mentioned in attach diagram, One of the remote user access according to scenario access server through static IP mentioned in each server, I want dual ISP in case of any one is failure shift auto f...

Hi there I am having a routing issue for my VLAN X traffic. Apparently, Vlan X goes out from office via Router 1 and comes back over Router 2. VLAN X traffic should use router 2 unless there was an outage. How can I configure that?

apbahar by Beginner
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Question: This 7010 (ver 5.2.5) has 9 4506's directly connected on one blade and is configured to (speed 1000) on the ports and (speed 1000) on the 4506. All the 1GB ports are giving high packet discard counts and the mod is in "fail" status.   1. I...

Is there a command or feature that can simulate the static arp command but with an entire netmask ? I have been digging with no luck. Basically.  arp vrf A MAC-address arpa? 

astoffel1 by Beginner
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I have a question I need an answer on, so hopefully someone has done this in production.  We have a trunk coming from a cloud provider, they assign a /31 block, IP for the links.  I am labbing this up on 2811 routers and discovered wh...

tahscolony by Beginner
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I am providing internet to access to other offices for my company. My core switch is a 6509 where all the other branches connect. I use police statements to control up\down speed for these other branches. Each branch has a police statement of its own...

Hello, I have 5 mbps line speed and want to limit file transfer traffic 1 mbps, (shouldn't pass this speed) and 4 mbps to ERP. (Between site A and B) How can i do that with qos? P.S : We want to limit the file transfer traffic to 1 mbps even link is ...

Hi, is it possible to carry more traffics with any L2VPN/IPSEC except L2TP/IPSEC?Need I MPLS network for it?(ie VLL,VPLS)Could we speak about different L2 traffic transport methods? Note:I would like to transmit at least 500Mbps with L2.What is the...

selbay061 by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 1941 router with 2 * ADSL interfaces. I have configured multilink which works correctly bonding the 2 adsl lines together. However, when I reboot the router the ATM interfaces come up but the multilink does not. I have to shut and no s...

tpaprotny by Beginner
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Hi Experts! I have a doubt in ospf default route behaviour. While injecting it using command "default information originate" it generates a E2 default route with External Route Tag set to 1. However OSPF is not setting Route Tag when we inject defaul...