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Hello I'm trying to summarise bgp routes from a 9k to an individual 3k neighbour in a vrf with additional neighbours that should not get the summaries, ideally summarising down to rfc1918 .   I see the aggregate-address summary-only comman...

chris net by Beginner
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Cisco 1921 Lan side unable to ping or access internet Hello, im very new to this game, i have a cisco 1921 router that is connected to a home router. Gi0/0 is setup as WAN and directly connected to home router and has internet access , can ping...

crixis by Beginner
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Hi all, I'm currently, somehow, understanding how OSPF works and how elections and network advertising takes place. However, I feel like I'm missing a very important, and basic, point of when DR/BDR is necessary.From what I can read, but not understa...


So I have a 2900 router that I have configured the GI0/0 port with and can ping the outgoing interface from the router however I'm trying to set up the GI0/1 port with an IP but keep getting an IP overlap when trying to put in a IP on...

Does anyone know a way of creating a router access list  that references an external file sitting on a server, perhaps a text file with a bunch of IP's. The goal is to modify the file to add/remove IP's without touching/logging into the router

Ok, so after issues with VRF and NAT I have decided to make a configuration to our ISP. The goal it to provide Wireless users on their own VLAN (126) to get out to the internet. We have a simple network layout, with Clients > APs > Distribution (L2 V...


hello  we have cisco ASR1002-X and we try to upgrade it to asr1002x-universalk9.16.06.07.SPA after we restart the router it enter in restarting loop and show this messages now i can't do anything to router   Initializing Hardware ... System integrit...