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Hello GuysI have Area 0, Area 93, Area 50 virtual-linked. All diagram is done. No area is stub just intend to do stub for later.Area 93 Network is /10 and Area 10 Network is from Area 93 is summarized from ABR and advertis...

M.Sultan by Spotlight
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Hello,From my computer I would like to only be able to connect in SSH on port 2022 of the router. It does not work I cannot establish an SSH connection...class-map match-any CoPP-SSHmatch access-group name SSH-ACL!policy-map CoPPclass C...

I am a newbie and am setting my router as a home gateway router. I have GE0/0 to be my LAN side and have set the proper internal IP address. However, my WAN side need it's IP address from the ISP's DHCP server and not sure how to do this. When I do m...

revcoyote by Level 1
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Do cisco support PAT for incoming traffic? We tried it and we are not able to configure PAT for incoming traffic like we used to do for outgoing . We can do a Static NAT or Dynamic NAT, but what about PAT?

Aaida by Level 1
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banner motd # zpráva #bootcd flash:cd nvramconfig-register 0x2101config-register 0x2142copy running-config startup-configcopy running-config startup-configcopy startup-config running-configcrypto key generate rsacrypto key generate rsa modulus 1024de...

Hi everyone,  I am trying to set up an eigrp lab on EVE-NG but on one router every time I set up the interface and no shut it I get the following messages: *Apr 26 02:14:34.500: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Ethernet0/0, changed state to administrativel...

HW05194 by Level 1
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