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Gurus.Let me know in what case I must be upgrade my router 1841. In this moment I have DRAM 256 / Flash 64 and using IOS 15,x. This only for curiosity, ???

a.guillen by Beginner
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                   Hello,I have an Enhanced FlexWan module in an 6506e chassis with SUP 720. The modules in slot 3 & 4 have no power. Thru show mod i see pwr down and diag unknown. I issue power enable mod 3 & 4 still no change. I put them in another...

I have a test lab, setting up a UC540 and a catalyst 2960 and every minute or two I get native vlan mismatch discovered, ect ect. Is there a way I can just turn this off for now while I am in the process of updaiting the config?

raypjones by Beginner
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helloplease i need to measure the BW of a leased line provided from ISP i don't need to measure the utilization via whatsup , mrtg  or by transferring file  bla bla blai need to measure the actual BW of the leased line that has been provided as when ...

I'm looking for the limits on a l2tpv3 xconnect layer2 connection of the cisco 881 by means of a lab setup.2 cisco 881 directly connected to each other with their Fa4the Fa3 in a vlan, with the vlan interface xconnected to the other cisco. ipsec is n...

dear friends,there is a linux box with one of its interface ip address == vlan 18it has a route like this172.16.0.0/12 next hop mac address, arp entry and interface are all looking from vlan 18 works fine.....

Dear Team, I would like to know about Enterprise Load balancer hardware and software which is recommended for cisco devices and how its work in enterprise network where i have 3 ISP and also suggest me best hardware vendor for load balancer.Kindly he...

I have 7609-s chassis with WS-SUP720-3BXL engine.#sh verCisco IOS Software, c7600s72033_rp Software (c7600s72033_rp-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(33)SRE7a, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support: (c) 198...

hurtheart by Beginner
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hi,I have a router configured so instead of redoing all the ios installs and vpn and such install I want to copy from my working 128MB CF card into a 256MB CF I remove the128 from my router, put the 256 and format the 256.then take the 128, p...

pamirian76 by Beginner
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This router worked great, but now it drops one of the WAN ports. I've switched ports and confirmed that my sorce connection is up. I've upgraded firmware. Log just says up and then in aobut 10 secs its down.  Anyone have this problem???