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I have two routers connected to each other via an eBGP protocol. They are also connected by IPSec/GRE ,I want that IPSec/GRE link to be only used when the eBGP link breaks down.So under normal circumstances only eBGP should be used.ThanksCan someone ...

hamza3244 by Level 1
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I am seeing issues with IPV6 multicast storms in my network that are fairly low volume (1-2mbit), but that are causing service disruptions due to CPU load on the switches and that the network is a Point to MultiPoint wireless network.I have about 500...

Here is my current topology: ISP Modem --------------------(fa0/0) R1 fa(0/1)-----------------S1-----------------------(fa0/0) R2   (fa 0/1)---------------S2                                       ...

Sean Devo by Level 1
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Here is my topology:ISP Modem ---------------- (gig0/0) Cisco Router (gig0/1) -----------------Cisco Switch--------------------Server                                                        ...

Sean Devo by Level 1
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2 uplinks are going from 2960 4 member stack to 4503 Active and Standby HSRP Core Swtich.If only one uplink is connected everything working fine.If both uplinks are connected to core, Huge packet drop is experienced, even file copying getting breaked...

HelloHave 2 ASR router (R1 and R2) each peering (eBGP) with upstream Provider. Both the ASR receives full table from upstream provider except the default.  Sample DIAGRAM attachedWhenever we lose one the Transit circuit, we don’t see proper failover ...

 You are the network administrator at Ranet, and have to config the routers both Ranet-HQ and Ranet-BR to make the connection throughout Ranet network and with the Internet. So all you have to do are:(Config via console of each router.) 1. Enable and...

MaddyZeer by Level 1
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From what I understand keepalives don't work on a multipoint GRE configuration.  Is there any method to bring down the hub tunnel interface if connectivity to the spokes is lost?  We currently utilized point to point GRE's and the keep alive works wi...

joeharb by Level 5
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I have several sites (site A, B, C, D, Z) connected via BGP in a hub/spoke configuration where site Z is the hub. Each site's only neighbor is site Z (the hub).I have default routes configured on sites A & B pointing to their respective Internet conn...

Started running out of memory on our Catalyst 6906 due to large BGP route tables. Talked with our ISP (CenturyLink) and they recommended that I use BGP route filtering via the filter-list command. Here is the physical layout:  We have 5x 1Gb/s links ...

Hi, All  I have A network with 4 vlan,s10,16 DATA 30  IPTV40 CAMERASbut this ip is shown in all vlans my tv channels streaming ip address range is 239.XX.XX.XX vlan 30 is this have any issue with other vlans like flooding or can i den...