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Hi guys,I am new to MPLS TEI have read copious amount of materials and watched a few videos.But the main points of how MPLS TE works seem to get lost in a lot of jargon. Please could someone in simple terms breakdown how MPLS TE actually does Traffic...

Hi, I'm a bit new to Cisco, I'd like to know if this is possible      This was presented by my teacher and he explain that in theory this is possible, but I know he likes to play tricks so I'm a bit skeptical on that. Is there any way this is possibl...

Screenshot 2023-08-21 174625.png
alephpp by Beginner
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I see this on a cell site router , CSR shows Policy CSR-EGRESS Class class-default    Classification statistics          (packets/bytes)     (rate - kbps)      Matched             :          9536213184/13231795438297       946742      Transmitted    ...

Hi all,I need help, I configured a C8300 Router, equipped with 2 SIMs with 2 different providers.I would like to activate only the SIM that has better signal reception in order to automatically access the Internet, how can I do this?Can I take advant...

How might one access the NBAR2 Protocols definitions via API?  For example, if I wanted to show the protocol definition in a 3rd party monitoring application.

Prodrick by Beginner
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Hello, hope all is good with everyone. i want 2 PCs in different networks to ping each other but it isnt working. PC1 connected with R1 and PC2 connected with R2. not all configurations for rip are working because when i am on R2, im unable to add th...

Hello Everyone Actually, I have a below network and looking for the best way to configure the spokes connection (ISR Routers) to my single hub (Cat8000v) I would be appreciated if I could use your experience to choose the better topology. Two differe...


Hello Cisco Community,I am posting this thread because I am trying to get more experience by using Cisco Packet Tracert. I am building a simple VLAN network.My project is available below: I browse on YouTube, it appears ...

LetMePass by Beginner
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