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BGP Connect Retry Timer

I am tiring to emulate following scenario in EVE-NG but still no success. "If an error causes BGP to go back to the Idle state for a second time, the ConnectRetryTimer is set to 60 seconds and must decrement to zero before the connection is initiated...

Mpls traffic engineering

Hi guysive been doing some reading on mpls traffic engineering.They talk about the ingress router using rsvp and setting up tunnels to the egress router.are they really tunnels? Or just predetermined label switched paths?Does your typical ISP like BT...

Practical OSPF - Free Training Series

Hey all,Lately I've been working on a modern, practical training series covering OSPF. I wanted to share the videos with this community. OSPF Framework & OSPF Packets: LSDB, LSA, Hello, DBD, LSR, LSU, LSAckOSPF Areas and OSPF Types of Routers - Pract...

Resolved! Snmp v3 on Cisco IOS XE Cupertino 17.8.x

Hello guys, I try to configure snmp v3 in ISR routers 4451 with Coupertino 17.8.01 but it can't authentication. I configure same commands in Amsterdam 17.3.5 BUT it works truly. Is it about Software bug ?     SrDoSnmp: authentication failure, Unknown...

mipxman by Beginner
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Resolved! 4331 ISR, Direct upgrade from 3.16.9S to 17.6.3 or 17.3.5

Hello all,We have an ISR-4331 that is running IOS XE and need to get it upgraded.   I see that both 17.6.3 and 17.3.5 are recommended releases.    I did see that a ROMMON update is required.   Besides that, would we be able to upgrade direc...

MauryJ by Beginner
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Resolved! Help, Packet Tracer Assignment

Hello, i'm looking for help with this assignment: file:///Users/darabhaqnazar/Downloads/en_ITN_SkillsAssessment-Student_Exam_00%20%20oeve_uden%20point%20(1).pdfI have configured all the ipv4 addresses to the pcs, vlan, and router. I'm at page 8 where...

Resolved! ASR9006 firmware upgrade path and procedure.

CheersI am looking for information on the steps to follow to perform the firmware upgrade of an ASR9006. In addition, what would be the path to follow to upgrade to firmware 7.4.2. Currently the ASR9006 is at 4.2.3. In the firmware 7.4.2 documentatio...

ISIS Loopback configuration

For a Level-2 only IS-IS network (multi-topology IPv4 and IPv6)What is the difference between using passive-interface for the loopbacks, or assigning the isis process to the loopbacksexample for iosrouter isis AREATAG  passive-interface loopback 0int...