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Resolved! Transports for MPLS

I'm really confused about where MPLS sits in the network stackWe have Frame Relay over T1s and are migrating to MPLS, but the MPLS service going to be delivered over Frame Relay.I don't understand this because I keep reading about how MPLS has all bu...

red red by Beginner
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New Off-Site Location Routing

I work for a hospital that recently acquired a rural clinic off-site. We set them up with a fiber MetroE  connection back to our hospital. So now all of their outside traffic goes through us. They can access everything on our network with one excepti...

jburger by Beginner
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Resolved! Applying Netflow

Hello everyone,Just wanted to get some ideas, suggestions, and opinions on applying netflow.  I would like to know where would be the best place on a Catalyst 6500 to apply netflow?  Should I apply it on an SVI or a physical interface?  Thanks!Terenc...

EHWIC VA-DSL-A 2911 Configuration Problem

Hello Guys,I am trying to configure ADSL on 2911 with EHWIC VA-DSL-A card. PPPoE configuration is working fine but when i try to configure the ATM interface with static ip address i cant even ping my interface. I guess i am missing something. I am us...

sudan_023 by Beginner
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Fibre cables connect the wrong way

Hello,I've not worked with fibre much, but we have had a remote switch added to a network and a new fibre link but can't see the switch, it is possible the fibre has been put in the wrong way round (tx/rx), is there any debugs I can do to prove this?...

Andy White by Participant
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VDSL Vectoring

Does anyone know if the Cisco VDSL HWICS or ISR routers such as the 877VA with Broadcom chipsets support G.993.5 vectoring? There's a mention to vectoring in,...

Niek Groot by Beginner
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network design suggestions

I'm starting to get a headache....I'm the IT manager for a small business. Our primary location has 120 people, about half are "power users". We have a complicated enviroment for the number of peopel we have. I tend to buy cisco stuff thats not terri...

Show Logging Messages..

                   I am observeing these logs when i provide the show logs.. What this message denotes.. Every day i am receiving this msg.Jul 10 11:12:29.900: %IOSXE_PEM-3-PEMFAIL: The PEM in slot 0 is switched off or encountering a failure conditio...

2 interface's multilink

Dear all,I am first time using the multilink interface for connecting the two remote sites(2 2611 routers)this configuration doesn't work ??? I would like to ask the experts why this configuration dosen't work...i cant make the 2 multilink up --> jus...

rrrfffddd by Beginner
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How to add an additional WIC

We have a cisco 2811 running 12.4(23b) IOS version. We have recently added a T1 to created a bonded T1 (3MB serial link) and I'm trying to add an additional WIC to our router. The WIC is identified as follows from the sh diag:WIC Slot 2:        FT1 B...

View Router logs

Hi,I have a Cisco ASR1001. For some reason we had a network failure and i am trying to view the logs to figure out the time when this happened.I also want to find out cause of this failure(e.g. config issue, hardware/interface failure).Can someone te...

kaushal by Beginner
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BGP routing on Cisco ASR 1002 router

Hello,I had a few questions I was hoping to get some answers to.  I was trying to figure out a way to to limit BGP tables per output port on my router.The situation is currently I have a 700 Meg pipe coming in from my ISP which feeds into the ASR 100...