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I am trying to use ip sla video feature of the 2911 and found that mim IOS is 15.2(2)T. I read blogs saying that IOS ..M are more stable. Should I upgrade my Ios from IOS 15.2(4)M3 to 15.3(2)T? what is bad about IOS ...T?thanks,Alison

Hello! I've heard an opinion, that routing works faster then NAT, but I can't find any information proving this. For example, if I have several NAT connections on my way to the ISP, it will slow web browsing. Is it true? My second question is abou...

Hello!I'm designing a new topology to access to the Internet using Cisco2921 NAT and MS ISA Firewall. In brief my topology looks like this.  I'm going to use ISA as a proxy to public some internal services and to provideinternet access for my users. ...

Guys,did anyone of you worked on IPTV Mulicasting? If yes, can you please advice me the best multicasting protocol to use in IPTV environment?

sugatada9 by Beginner
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Dear member,I have a customer will running about 150 GRE tunnels without IPsec in Hub site and 25M WAN circuit. It is using Cisco 2811 and CPU in high loading, I would like to replace the it, but I  can't find any information about ISR G2 with GRE pe...

HiLooking for some design ideas. I have 2 ISP but want symmetrical routing via primary ISP to take advantage of 100mbps WAN. I have a /29 from both ISP so R1 will EBGP with Primary and Backup. R2 will do the same - EBGP with Primary and Backup. R1 an...

aamercado by Enthusiast
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Hi all,I was just trying to upgrade my first cisco access point at home. I am a bit lost...a) I can't run "conf t" command.b) It seems to have ver 3 or ver 4 lwapp image running on it.c) keeps rebooting itself when it starts up and says "certificate ...

I am looking to uplink an HP Blade Chassis to a Cisco 3750-X with SFP+ for 10Gig on each end.I would like to use Direct Attached SFP+ cables if possible.I already know that the HP Virtual Connect module will not accept a Cisco Direct Attached cable a...

buu by Beginner
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Hi,I am establishing IPsec VPN b/w to asa in gns... VPN tunnel is not estblished. here i have enclosed asa conf...           can any one tell me am i configured in right way and is any ather conf needed...       

ajf303 by Beginner
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I currently have a pair of Adtran Netvanta 1224R units that I want to replacce with Cisco 1760 routers. How can I translate the existing QoS (relevant sections below) on the Adtrans to work on the Cisco routers:!no ip firewall alg msnno ip firewall a...

Hi everyone,   I have ccna cert. and 9 months later will be expire. Thats why I  want to take ccna security cert.question 1) May I directly pass ccna security exam  or before another exam?question 2) If ı pass ccna security exam my ccna certificate w...

Hi,We are in the process of planning and designing our new network.We have a few servers that have bundled interfaces and will be connected to two FEXs which in turn are connected to two Nexus 7009 switches.  These two N7K switches are connected to a...