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Hi guys,Im having problems routing between two vrf-lite instances on two ASR 1001 routers. I have separated my networks using a single vrf to isolate one network, the rest of the connected networks still belong in the global routing table. My problem...

I had completed CCNP Route, Switch & TSHOOT. can i get the  Certification for it, like when i get for CCNA.  If So how long it take to reach me.  After Completed my exam i checked in the Site. Still it was not enrolled me as CCNP, After Completing e...

I run multiple tunnels over a providers MPLS network. For a while I would have my tunnels flap because of hold-down timer messages. After finding Cisco document 21324 and configuring keepalives and ip tcp adjust-mss the tunnels have stabilized. How d...

cprice by Level 1
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I can't load a permanent license as an evaluation license is already in place. Clearing of the evaluation license fails. Any ideas on how to remove the eval lic?uBR10K#license clear DS_License subslot 7/0                    Feature: DS_License    1  ...

Hello, I am a student of the Cisco Networking Academy at my technical high school. The lab I am currently working on asks me to create a basic network with two routers. I uploaded below and image showing the phyiscal topology for the network. I want ...

I have not yet setup or worked with a Metro Ethernet setup yet and need some guideance or point me to some good reads on how to configure and setup and route between sites. All sites have a 2901 ISR router with Gi0/0 connected to the ISP Metro Ethern...

burleyman by Level 8
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Hi, I have the following config, I am trying to put the cisco 877 in bridge mode and let the device attached to the switchport handle all the negotiation and receive the public ip address, but for some reason this is not working, am I missing somethi...

St3v3n-zn by Level 1
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Hello,We have a remote EIGRP spoke office with a massive routing table, but the routes all go to the same IP, I guess I can add a default route and remove the EIGRP, but is there a way to reduce the size of the routing table like in OSPF total stub a...

Good Day,I am trying to resolve an issue using IP SLA and tracking.   I have a router that has multiple routes.  I have 2 that are over wireless connections and one that is a last resort for Cellular.  I have a issue where both wireless routes are up...