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cisco 2951 for BGP at AS edge

hallo,our customer has a server farm in a data center.At the moment the farm has connectivity with only one ISP but sometimes it has service discontinuity.Customer wants to become AS and having two ISP connectivity for backup purposes.He needs to eva...

fsoffia by Beginner
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Cisco SRP 521

Respected,could you help me, I have one question? I have problem with device cisco srp 521 , my problem is haw to create two VLAN-s first will be to WAN link, second for Management. Haw to do thet? Thank you for help.

Resolved! Pool ips publics ?

Hello, my ISP to me delivered a public address pool (pool of 8 ips). But I've always used all my services (mail, ftp, web, etc) published a single public IP. My question is. Benefits that would obtain if nats use each service to publish a different p...

Radius authentication help

Hello,I'm am just working out how to set up radius authentication on our LAN to authenticate users.  I have build a Windows radius server based on this short but excellent tutorial:

Andy White by Participant
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Resolved! Info for WANs needed

Hey all, I am wanting to know what is the best method of communication between private leased lines? ie Frame relay, ppp, hdlc etc.Also how would I be able to send Eigrp updates over the WAN?Cheers


Hello,i have  a problem with my 4400 router. i have a fixed ip of my provider and the router gets this from my cable modem.But when i try to ping the ip addrress from provider i have no reply.I need this for a vpn connection .Can anyone help?

Resolved! ACL ftp question

Dear all,I need to setup FTP server and FTP client for both end ( & routing is fine in both end and I found that ACL make me fail.Situation 1) When I apply ACL in both Router A and Router B. All FTP fail ( & ...

acbennyma by Beginner
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