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VLSM Subnetting help

Hello, I would like some help for this VLSM subnetting. Classless subnetting I still haven't gotten down yet, but classful is easy enough since you use the same sub mask.So it gives me an IP: it gives me 2 hosts: Router 2: 30 hosts ...

Resolved! Flexvpn Spoke to Spoke

Hi, everybodyI have a simple Hub and Spoke Topology (one hub and three spokes). I changed the config to accommodate a direct spoke to spoke connection with a virtual template config on each spoke and NHRP shortcut. NHRP redirect on the hub. I have sp...

Lehrling by Beginner
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Resolved! Force switch to learn MAC address

This has been discussed before, but i did not manage to find a solid solution . Thing is that i just joined a company, and while some interfaces across various switches show as "up/up" (connected) the MAC address table is not learning anything there....

alfista16 by Beginner
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Smartnet Contract vs Warranty Status

hi,just a quick question regarding the difference between smartnet contract vs warranty status. i used cisco smartnet portal to check the coverage on one of our device: got a result wherein contract status: covered th...

ISR 4451x Airflow

Does anyone know if there is an airflow option for the 4451x? Currently, the airflow is back to front, which screws up my hot/cold isle rack layout. I pulled the fan module and it looks like the fans can probably be reversed, but without taking a scr...

bret by Participant
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Resolved! Can´t ping Router interfaces

Greetings I have a problem, and i dont know if my problem is due to the IOS. My problem is that i cannot ping my border router interfaces sourced its own other connected interfaces. Here is all the information:   Border_Router#sh runBuilding configur...

Resolved! Ports that are opened in ACL are not actually open

Hi guys, first time asking for support because I'm lost and none of the help from all over the internet did not solve my issue. Router Cisco 1941 new 1Gbit link, all working except I can't get some ports working. I'm running BigBlueButton server on t...

xpace by Beginner
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%OSPF-5-ADJCHG Dead Timer Expired

Hi,I have 4 OSPF adj on one ISR Router with 2 separate linux boxes running quagga.I am getting the following messages in log repeatedly%OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 1, Nbr on Tunnel11 from FULL to DOWN, Neighbor Down: Dead timer expired%OSPF-5-AD...

edhunter by Beginner
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can you display routes advertised and/or received in OSPF, similar to BGP command sh ip bgp neighbors x.x.x.x advertised-routes?

TOC-BP-SWa#sh ip bgp neighbors advertised-routesBGP table version is 1674320, local router ID is codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal,              S StaleOrigin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? ...

demiller by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF Path Selection

Below is a summary of a scenario that's happening with me in real life. There are two Internet links, the one connected to ISP A has a 100 Mb/s speed and the one connected to ISP B has a 50 MB/s speed. Router 2 has an OSPF neighborship with Router 0 ...

misaleh by Beginner
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ICMP though ASA

Hello Together, i am trying to enable icmp from PC in network 1 to PC in network 2 though the ASA 5506 X. Below you will find my ASA config. THX for help.!interface GigabitEthernet1/1nameif netz1security-level 100ip address

dennisvdt by Beginner
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Resolved! 4g Connectivity

Hi All,I have a requirement to connect a temp 4g connection to a vlan. The current setup is 20 x Catalyst 9300 switch's connected back to a Catalyst 9500 all via fiber. Would it be possible to connect a 4g modem to a port on one of the 9300's and hav...

DKer by Beginner
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