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MPLS PE-CE BGP Design Question

HelloI have a design secnerio and would appreciate like some opnions that could help me arrive to a conclusion..My company are deciding to add CE devices into our network that we will be managing and that will provide an interface to our customer int...

khashmi by Beginner
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Resolved! VWIC-2MFT-G703=

Hi,I will be upgrading some 2650XM routers to Cisco 2911 ISR's.Please, I just wanted to verify If I could re-use the existing VWIC-2MFT-G703= in a Cisco 2911 ISR router.VWIC2-2MFT-G703= is the replacement part number which is quite expensive about 4,...

Connection rate-limit

Hello,I would like to check is it possible to using accesslist rate-limit to limit each services per number of times connection in period.  Example 5/sec ?As I found it seems used for limit the bandwidth use.

Machi Ma by Beginner
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any way to block download manager in IOS?

Hi,I have an (old) 1811 router acting as the Internet gateway. My users like to use download managers such as Orbit JDownloader to download large files that should not download. Is there a way to block it? The download managers often start multiple c...

Resolved! Enterprise QoS (for dummies?)

Hello,We are in the process of delving into the world of enterprise QoS.  Our current WAN connections are currently untrusted and they handle the QoS for us with a basic bronze/silver/gold system.  We're moving some services to a centralized/virtuali...

Resolved! Configuring a serial port in IOS 15.1(3)T

I just installed a HWIC-2T in a Cisco 3845 running IOS 15.1(3)T  New build.The IOS self installed the port configuration including the command line "clock rate 2000000."  I can edit everything but that entry using the CLI.  When I enter the "no clock...

Multilink input errors

Our cisco 1841 router has been pulling alot of input errors for the last month on the multilink. No other errors. I've restarted the router switched the t's arround same thing, constant errors. Have even removed and rebuilt the multilink and tried an...

Disable client-route-reflection in iBGP

Hi,I enabled this function in iBGP. After that the primary router started propagate all learned rouer to another neighbour in iBGP that i enabled.i thing the config wasrouter BGP 100     neighbour remote-as 100     neighbour

Resolved! First Ping timeout

Hi,I know there has already been a couple of threads on this but rather than add my question to the bottom of one of those I thought I would try afresh.We have an 857W connected to the internet via ADSL. All works very well, however if I ping from an...

Chris Shaw by Beginner
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