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Resolved! WAN

Hello Dears,DHCP Server is in HUB location and Branch users need to get ip address through HUB. Does the DHCP request passes through WAN ??? when there is a route in routing table of Branch router to the DHCP server.Is it a Professional Design to do ...

I just inherited a small WAN,, been a while since I tackled QOS, can some eye the config below and see if it makes sense? My main puzzle is why the admin re-applied dscp af31 when building the policy mapThanks !!!class-map match-any priority2 match i...

rpinon by Beginner
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Hi all,I have another question here.I want to add remarks in an existing ACL. Can i do that without rewriting the entire access-list or do i have to remove it and create it again?For instance I have this ACLip access-list extended NAT deny   ip host ...

Hi,I've been looking at MPLS VPN over mGRE as a really neat "MPLS-lite" solution to the problem of routing segregation across a third party IP core without having to deploy a mesh of point to point GRE tunnels running LDP and "real" MPLS.For referenc...

Hello all, I have a little problem...or at least hope it’s little. I was doing an initial setup of a 1941W router. Login in with the default cisco/cisco, switched over to config, typed the a few commands and than ran the following: yourname(config)# ...

abc2014de by Beginner
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I currently have the following:3750 Switch ->       Steelhead Accelerator          -> 2821 RouterI am doing my QoS marking on the 3750 Switch, but traffic from switch itself, the Steelhead, and the Router also needs some additional marking.  So, I wa...

Hi, I have a1811 router with one connection to the internet. This connection is going to be turned off for a while, so I would like to set up another interface as a fall back for when it does.The second WAN connection will be DHCP connected via ether...

neilmac by Beginner
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Hey guys!I have a vaio EB2S1E and one router Linksys WRT120N. Both devices have the N wireless standard. When i set the router to Wireless N-only, my notebook cannot conect to it anymore, i see it as a device but after i  enter the SSID and password ...

We are using a standard setup which matches a QoS policy-map against Class-Maps using an ACL for certain types of traffic. We then DSCP mark this traffic on Egress and use WRED and CBWFQ.for example:access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq 3200access-li...

Hello there,We are multihoming using two 7600 routers, each to a separate ISP.  The two 7600's then have an iBGP peering between them.  I am preferring routes to the first ISP using local preference so if I do a "show ip bgp summary" I see the follow...

dpoehls by Beginner
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There is a command in IOS XR - "bundle minimum-active links 2"  that will take the bundle-ether interface down if the an interface goes down.  There is NOT an equivalent command in standard IOS.  Does anyone have a solution/workaround to drop a port-...

Resolved! 3750 Lockdown

I have a 3750 and can telnet / web interface into from every interface that I assign it. How can I prevent this and only allow it for one interface?(only allow management from here)Vlan2Ip address address 255....

tedtucker by Beginner
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