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Resolved! Problem with OE2 redistribution from OSPF to BGP

Hello,The topology I want to discuss is as following.On R4, two EIGRP route are redistributed in OSPF. Route is tagged with 111.So on R2, there are two OE2 routes. I did below redistribution from OSPF to BGP on R2 with a route-map to file...

Image 9.png Image 10.png Image 11.png
Dan22 by Beginner
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Hi Team after initializing IOS up-gradation facing challenge on boot  with below error   Initializing Hardware ...Checking for PCIe device presence...doneSystem integrity status: 0x610Rom image verified correctlySystem Bootstrap, Version 16.7(3r), RE...

Sreejesh S by Beginner
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site to site vpn on firewall

please thank you for your continued support i hope life treats you welli have been lately reading the noted  but i eventually i felt like i need your  help to understand the following concept it would  be great if you kindly help me with just one con...

Drik by Beginner
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Clear EIGRP Process?

hi, i need to change OSPF process from 3 to 1 and also change the router-id.we also got an EIGRP domain which redistribute OSPF i still need to clear the OSPF process or no since it's a new OSPF process and router-id?do i also need to clear...

Resolved! Router High availability design

Hi, I have a question about topology below.I understand if we have financial afford,it is good to minimize single point of failures.For example adding two router and two internet connection.Due to diagram below we have 2 links from per router: one fo...

Aykhan by Beginner
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Tunnel Packet Direction Clarification

Need clarification.  In the display below, are packets input signifying traffic coming in"from" the other side of the tunnel, or packets that I am "sending" into the tunnel? I have input counts but no output count. The tunnel is not up.  Am I not tra...

MPLS as a Primary path and INTERNET with DMVPN as a Backup how to achieve this design with different methods?

I am looking, how to achieve the MPLS as a Primary path and INTERNET with DMVPN as a Backup Design with different method.One method is run EBGP between CE and the PE's provider and the DMVPN as the backdoor link.What about other methods? 

Meddane by VIP Rising star
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Resolved! Lab configuration issues

Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a novice in the Cisco world.  Taken courses a while back but never fully involved in day to day network design and configuration.  I've been working on building a home lab, and my Internet modem is feeding into a PA-220-Lab ...

wickid by Beginner
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Upgrade ASR1001-X to 16.12.5 or 17.3.3

hi,i need to upgrade an ASR1001-X and choosing between IOS-XE 16.12.5 or 17.3.3.which code do i go for in terms of stability and extended/longer support (at least 3 years)?i tried to search for the upgrade path but google is failing me.this is a new ...