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bootflash" not found

When cisco 2811 isr router booting then it automatically goes to Rommon mode. There "dir bootflash" command also not worked properly. At the time of booting it shows "bootflash" not found".

sandipand by Beginner
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Reflexive Access Lists

Hi Gurus,My Reflexive Access Lists is not woking, do you have any idea on it ? am i did the wrong config ?* i juz wan my telnet session reflect in the ACL. ip access-list extended OUTR2 permit tcp any any eq telnet reflect test deny ip any anyip acce...

william2u by Beginner
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NVRAM verification failed

after doing some hardening on cisco 1601 router , when i go for writing the config . i got this error " NVRAM verification failed "i am logging into the router with level 15 priviledge ............what can be the issue >>>>> any help

Using cisco router as dhcp gateway

hello,I have a cisco 3825 router. On the f0/1 interface:int f0/1ip address address secondary!I have defined a dhcp ip pool based on this 2 subnets. However, I found out that the secondary will n...

chris.lau by Beginner
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I am trying to setup a lab for the CCNP2 ISCW. I am trying to run the c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-10.bin IOS and need to know what model 2600XM router I need to run this software. I also need to know what is the minimum Flash and Ram I need to ma...

CEF and show ip cache

According to cisco documents, when you enable CEF, you should no longer see entries in show ip cache.. However I seem to still find entries in my ip cache table even after enabling CEF on all of my interfaces, followed by a clear ip cache. The weird ...

yurixewx7 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 2821 Questions

Hello folks - I have a Cisco 2821 router. Below is the sh version output. This router has a channelized T1/E1 WIC (2 ports). I want to configure a serial (T1) interface on this router but don't have the option to do it. Not sure what am I missing her...

router will not bootup

I have a 2801 router with ios c2801-ipvoice-mz.124-17b.bin with 1 vwic 1MFT-T1. It appears to be in a loop. I have tried doing a break sequence to access romon, but no luck. I have pasted the router's output.Technical Support:

Stale route in ISIS

Each time we remove a static route from (2) redundant 6509 switches which is redistributed into ISIS via a route-map, I still see the route advertised on VoIP Switches (7613) routers. I do not want to clear ISIS database because it will trigger alarm...

BGP Influencing inbound path

Hi All,I'm trying to influence our routing so that traffic that is coming into our network via a certain AS number will hopefully avoid that AS number and take a different path. I'm thinking of doing this using AS prepends to the specific AS number,...

paddyxdoyle by Frequent Contributor
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Summary CLNS routes

Hi,I have a router with a lot of static clns routes, NET address for all these routes is only different in the system ID value, is it possible to redistribute only one summarized static clns route in router isis process?Thanks

Protocol Dispute (Is OSPF L3 or L4?)

So a buddy of mine and I are disputing the actual layer OSPF runs at. He states OSPF is purely layer 3. I say OSPF is layer 4. Since IP is required for OSPF to work, the OSPF is encapsulated in IP. To me, if you encapsulate anything in a L3 proto...