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Hi, I got "Reload due to a software-forced crash" problem during the boot of one AS5350 earlier. Then I reloaded the a boot image to bootflash by xmodem. Now I can login the router by boot mode. But it replied "Bad device info block" when I show eith...

David Lin by Beginner
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Hello all,I need pointer to a link (I have already check cisco frame relay config documents on CCO) or document which will be able to provide info on how to configure frame relay point to point subinterfaces on R1, R2 and R3 where all three routers a...

hi everybody!I have a question Let me quote my cisco book:The following list and Figure 2-3 illustrate the basic concept of moving frames from the received port or ingress, to the transmit port(s) or egress using a shared bus architecture: 1. ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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I have 3 routers- see diagram. R2 is active hsrp with R1. what i am trying to do is track ip routing eth0/2 and eth0/3 on R2. if both interfaces loose EIGRP routes from R3, them decrement hsrp priority to 20. based on the configuration below, it look...

Hi All,My undeerstanding from the below config is, BGP on RTR-A, will inject ionly default route ( into the neighbour. None of the the other static routes will be advertised under any circumstances.. is that correct.? please suggest.*********...

fortis123 by Beginner
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folksi'm trying to create an object group for an acl on a C3845-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(23) but the object-group command isn't availablecan i do this usnig this IOSthanks to anyone taking the time to reply

Hi,I have a pretty new 520 series router. It has a pretty simple desired configuration. For now, I would be happy if it could give an internal DHCP range of, and connect to the WAN via DHCP. I had it working when it was giving out an i...

itccv0822 by Beginner
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Hello,I have a problem to configure a Serial Interface connected to a ISDN PRI.The Layer 1 is up, the layer 2 is inTEI_Assigned state, but I can't making any calls trough thsi interface.I receive this message all the 11 seconds:Q931: Ux_DLRelInd: DL_...

Our company employs a UC520 switch with what i guess to be Wireless capabilities. Now i've been searching around the forums and cannot really find an answer to my question. I have setup an SSID through the configuration manager for wireless access bu...

Hi all:Could any one suggest IOS that will support IKE fragmentation on 7600.i found that IKE fragmentation was supported from 12.4 and cannot fine 7600 support thatsup720 with MSFC3 and PFC3ChaoVishwa

vishwancc by Participant
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I have an MPLS network with a 9Mb, Multilink PPP pipe at the core and T1 or less pipes at the branch offices. We are connecting to our MPLS provider via BGP and we are using Cisco WAE's at each site with v4.1.1c of WAAS code as well. The problem is...

guys i was looking at one of my router (work) and saw a strange route-map...the router has RIP and ospf redistirbution there is a rouite-map....which says as followroute-map xxx deny 10match interface null0route-map xxx permit 20why is ...