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IR1100 multicast problem

I'm trying to set a multicast environment with IR1101 as the router.I've connected a multicast source to one interface of the router and a multicast listener to another interface. I've configured PIM sparse mode on both interfaces and on a loopback i...

dot1Q command on 4000 series routers

I haven't had to use this command on routers recently, but I recall having to use it in the past on some 3825 and similar models. I noticed that the 4000 series no longer accept "encapsulation dot1Q xxx".I wasn't successful in finding any info on thi...

Mutual Re-distribution and tagging

Hi allfirstly apologies if I'm not clear on this - part of the reason for this post is to confirm that!  Attached configI'm doing redistribution as below on R1 and R3 - with RIP having the higher AD, I know I need to tag the traffic as it go's into O...

Resolved! ASA blocked PCs from accessing outside of network.

Hello, I was doing a sample skills test and I have issue with ASA firewall blocking PCs to access outside of ASA firewall. In this scenario, I am trying to ping from PC-B to R1's Loopback ( Meaning, Inside Network go to Outside Network. ...

HeroVax by Beginner
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Resolved! Not able to go into Rommon

Hello, I have used Cisco 1921, and we forgot its login and password. I am trying to go into rommode for password recovery but am not able to. During router boot-up process I am using special command > Break to force rommode , router shows " Readonly...

xconnect redundancy

hi,I am trying to implement xconnect pseudowire redundancy and it is not working. Primary connection is between R1 and R2 and this is working ok. But backup pseudowire from R1 to R3 is not working. If I try to manually switchover I get errorR1#xconne...

Catalyst 8000v Azure HA ModuleNotFound

2 x Catalyst 8000v each running IOS XE 17.4.1a, trying to configure HA v3 on Azure.  Internet is reachable and I can enable Guestshell and within that run the pip3 install csr_azure_ha --user. Issue I have is that the command -i 100 -p...

Andy I by Beginner
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