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Activating a data profile on CISCO 819 4G

I have just received a CISCO 819 4G that I need to configure into a very simple setup. I have a SIM card (Telstra). I am using the browser based Cisco Configuration Professional 3.3 that has come preinstalled. At first glance, typing in show cellular...


Please help me out. IP master : following host requirements :HRM = 199IT = 20FINANCE = 41OPERATIONS = 17SALES = 2SUPPLY CHAIN = 13 what is the IP Adress, First Host, Last Host, and Broadcast IP for each department? (Using CIDR me...

Resolved! Redistribute BGP into EIGRP

Hi, Im new in networking. Im doing a lab where Im trying to see bgp loopback ip ( i.e ) in eigrp. I m not able see.   But while im adding a static route at Null 0 and adding in eigrp network statement then its showing.   in R2 ( whoic...

ROAS Routing

Hey There,  So I have created another ROAS setup (using packet tracerr) but this time I have a router connected to a 3560 SW, that is in turn connected to a 2960 SW. I have created the sub-IF on the router and have set up the links between devices as...

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 12.27.08 pm.png
entechnico by Beginner
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Resolved! Please help me answer this networking question

A company has been allocated the address range to What is the network (supernet) address and what is the (supernet) mask? (Hint: You might want to convert them into binary and calculate the common bits)   

netaware by Beginner
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Resolved! SG350 - Inter-VLAN communication

Dear all,I have recently decided to upgrade my home network infrastructure and chose CISCO gear to do so. My setup is as follows:------------------- ------------------- ------------------------- |AVM FritzBox 7490|------------>...

Resolved! Mobile hotspot in Packet Tracer?

Hi Guys,Not sure whether this the correct place to post this query, but I can't see a better place...Is it possible to create a mobile hotspot (from a smartphone) in PT? I can't at present see a way of doing this. It looks like you can do wired USB-t...

limey75 by Beginner
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Multicast - IGMP Static Joins

Hi All, We have a PIM domain that is running PIM-SPARSE mode and it's working fine. We have a customer who needs our multicast feeds. But we cannot allow PIM neighborships between us and the customer.So we decided to enable IGMP Static Join on the cu...

supunit21 by Beginner
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Resolved! ISR4451-X power consumption

Hello all, I'm looking for router's model ISR4451-X power consumption, but I'm not able to find it.I also tried to check the data sheets for this model, but I wasn't successful.Is there anybody who is able to help me please? Thank you!

Routing basic query

Hi Guys,This is for sure a dumb question but as I don't know the answer I think I need to ask. I wish there was a "New to networking" or similar section of the forums. Despite having spent some time on Packet Tracer now, I am still finding it somewha...

limey75 by Beginner
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Hi All, Can anyone pls clear the doubt. Suppose there is a downstream core switch connected to 2 WAN routers (R1 & R2).Switch is getting EIGRP routes from both WAN routers.R1 is advertising better route to Switch than R2.Now suppose, HSRP is configur...

RV130 firewall diagnostic

Dear Everybody! How it possible to query the firewall blocked A:P->A:P connections on RV130?  We use RV130 for sensor network as firewall.This mean continuous and high (small packet) traffic on many TCP connection. During sometimes the firewall block...