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I am running a Cisco 2821 with a VWIC2-1MFT-E1/T1 card. When I enter the controller config I don't have the option to set the controller to unframed.I have read through the on-line docs and the command I seem to be looking for is channel-group 0 unfr...

bcirg by Level 1
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newbie question time...I see high latency on ping replies to Internet sites - varies between 17ms and 500ms+. T1 vendor has run tests and says everything's fine, where do I start? How can I check the processor usage on my router?thanks

rblankers by Level 1
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I need to build out a network where I will have 2 different ISP using a single AS number for BGP. I will connect each ISP into its own 6500.The 6500's will then be connected into the core of the network. What the best strategy for this?I am looking f...

Hi all,My network is using OSPF, i need to do unequal load balancing in two links. Use static route or PBR it could cause the auto-recovery problem. If one of the link down it will not tune to another link automatically, i need to modify the static r...

flymen331 by Level 1
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I am using tracking on the default routes to help track the failover for the VPN tunnel. However when the interface comes back up, the VPN tunnel does not failback to it. Is there something that I need to put in for the VPN tunnel to failback?

Hi!I attached a simple network drawing for our network. We are using MPLS/VPN. We have a Central Facility router (CF router) which facilitates our servers. All our remote network (Remote Routers) connects to this router to access our servers. I want ...

cmadiam82 by Level 1
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Resolved! ISDN Hardware???

Hello all,We are putting together an ISDN solution between our central site and remote locations. We currently have a number of 1841s with ISDN BRI WIC cards installed and ready to go at our remote sites. We have a 2821 at our central location that i...

dtecco by Level 1
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Hi Folks,Can we assign a IP address like to a host?Normally we assign a /32 mask ip address to a loopback interface. I tried to assign this IP address to a loopback interface on a router and it was accepted & pinging.But my question i...

Hello, I have a very stupid question, Let's say i have 2 routers. Router # A and Router # B. On Router # B I have a subnet defined on Fast Ethernet 0/0 ( and there are some workstations sitting behind Fas0/0 ( But now ...

hi,I have two t1's bonded together using MLPPP. I have all the interfaces, Serial0, Serial1, MLPPP all show up and up. the issue is I can not send any traffic over the mlppp circuits, I try to ping across but no luck. Attached is my show run and show...

a.strobel by Level 1
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