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Packet capture on switch 4506 E

I have configured to capture the packet on L3 switches monitor capture BUFFER int Port-channel10 both access-list ACCESS_LIST buffer size 5 I am seeing one way traffic from LAN device to Device in data center. And no opposite traffic from data center...

EVC adds and removes QinQ outer tag

Hello, Sorry but can't seem to find a good title for my question, you may help me with that. I have, as posted in the image:In my backbone, I have a PE that is connected to a switch (Switch 2). This switch has many clients connected to it and is perf...

Yacine BS by Beginner
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Resolved! Finding number of valid IPs in subneting.

I am doing sub netting and want to confirm that if my method is correct or not. Suppose we are to design a network that has 2 departments. Department 1 has 32 number of hosts and department 2 has 64 number of hosts. We are given the following IP:192....

RV325 WAN1 Inactive

I have seen others with a similar issue but when I try their solutions it seems to only temporarily fix the connection issue. My setup is: Comcast -> Linksys CM3024 -> Cisco RV325 The RV325 is running in Gateway mode. After getting it up and...

Resolved! Dual DMVPN, dual hub

Hi everyoneI have a extraordinary question I have one hub and many spokes already configured (single DMVPN, EIGRP, IPSec)And i want to reconfigure my network as Dual HUB, dual DMVPN. Is it possible to make one of the spokes to be HUB2 and still stay ...

incognito by Beginner
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dmvpn with nat

Hi,i have made lab with1 HUB and 2 SPOKE phase 1  dmvpn over ipsec .Also rip routing protocol activated in points. Local networks can access other sites with rip.I also want they can be accessed to the internet over the nat .Any helps appreciated.Her...

5921 smart licensing

I downloaded and installed the 5921 ESR and requested a demo license through the cisco portal. The problem I am having is that there is no way for me to disable the smart license feature?   The command "no license smart enable" does not exist. Withou...

sp2720401 by Beginner
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PIM-DM timer question

Hi all,I have a multicast network like this:      +-----+      | SRC |      +--+--+         |----+----+----+----    |         |    ~         ~    |         | +--+--+   +--+--+ | R1  +---+ R2  | +--+--+   +--+--+    |         | +--+--+   +--+--+ | RCV...

Resolved! Cisco 3945E with NAT, unstable WAN speed

Hi everybody! For the past weeks, I´ve been trying to figure out what´s happening at one customer´s network. It has 2 fiber connection with the same ISP, one connection with pseudo-fix IP and the other with dynamic IP. The Cisco3945E is behing both I...

Tak Smith by Beginner
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