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Dialer interface issue

Hi,Can anyone help me validate this cause of this log below.I am trying to install a backup ipsec tunnel using dialer and i have been having this issue. Basically, the dialer interface config i used is the same with other sites, the only difference w...

jmtiamson by Beginner
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ASR 903 Alarms

Hi, is there a list of alarms and corresponding severity for ASR 903?What I need is which alarm trigger critical severity alarm, or which one trigger Minor or Major and so one.

ASR 920 license rehost

Ok so i have one ASR (ASR1) that have 10GEupgradelicense and other features using traditional licenseing way. another ASR (ASR2) have smart licensing method and have 24 1G-4 10G temporary license.  I have requset from licening team to re host 10GEupg...

dar.jor76 by Beginner
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Cisco 877W router and external ADSL modem

Cisco 877W router and external ADSL modemIn order to support ADSL2+ on a pre ADSL2+ router and in preparation for a later migration to BT infinity I am trying to configure the Router using an external adsl2+ modem appropriately.The original configura...

Bandwidth of an interface

I have confusion in finding the bandwidth for an interface, between the bolded values below...BW 1000000 Kbit or 100Mb/sAlso, what is the difference between them?  Router#sh int g0/1GigabitEthernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up (connected)Hardware is...

Clear counters port-channel Cisco ISR4451

I have a problem because don´t clear counters  interface port-channel in Cisco ISR4451  Router1#clear counter port-channel 1Clear "show interface" counters on this interface [confirm]Clear counters port-channel Cisco ISR4451Router1#sh int port-channe...

CAMPE by Beginner
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Resolved! output interpreter utility

Hi, I am looking for the output interpreter utility , so I can Run a "show tech" from Cat-2960 thru the output interpreter and see if anything pops up. Thanks. _ Alex

axfalk1 by Beginner
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2-Subnets,1-gateway and 1-network

Hi seniors,i need your help,i am currently working to add a subnet to the existing network.I will like the best possible way to handle this on a cisco router.Network 1(LAN): Network 2(LAN): How can i make ...

ade1dapo2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Policy Based routing on Nexus 5000

I am trying to apply a route-map on a Nexus 5000 in order to change the default gateway for a specific VLAN. Normally I would go with using a route map like: ! route-map CHANGE_GW permit 10  match ip address MY_VLANS  set  ip default next-hop 192.168...

Vag by Beginner
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Voice and Video QOS

Hi AllCan anyone tell me what the recommended way to service voice and video on routers these days, it was normal to put voice in the priority queue and video given a minimum bandwidth guarantee.I see these days people putting both in the priority qu...