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Router Selection

Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of advice. i,m task with splitting a company network into two separate sites.  However, since starting, the goal posts have been slightly moved.  They now need to temporarily router traffic (simple application data) between...

Resolved! Interface issue on ASA 5510

I have an issue where I need to add a backup route to my ASA. Currently I have Inside addressed in the subnet ( connected to the cable gateway ( I NAT all IPs from inside ( where the gateway PATs it. The pro...

ElQueue by Beginner
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OSPF not working in Cisco Packet Tracer

Hello, Hope you all can help me understand where I've gone wrong here. I'm using Packet Tracer to study for my ICND2. Practicing ospf virtual links at the moment and things aren't quite working out. I have several routers in area 0 and the link betwe...

Resolved! VLAN routing to WAN

Hi, I have a Cisco 897VA connected to my modem ( on GE8.My PC is connected on GE0 (vlan 10) and get a correct IP address ( I can ping but I can't ping and I have no access to Internet. ip dhcp excluded-...

Portus92 by Beginner
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CISCO 2800 Series Router Boot Error

When I boot the router, I get the following error. ---------------------------------------------System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(13r)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support: (c) 2006 by cisco Systems, Inc.In...

GaeMi by Beginner
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PPPOE users Stucking in Radius Server

Hi Everyone ,i have PPPOE server which is configured in Cisco router 3800 and Radius server , everything is working fine but the issue is when the user is disconnected from the PPPOE  server the user remain stucking in radius server and the user will...


Advertise routes between VRFs

Hi, This is the main question: How a VRF can advertise a route which is learned through iBGP to another VRF But let me elaborate it little more. First, explanation: I have created three VRFs under one router and one BGP instance. They are named L-VRF...

babakip by Beginner
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How to configure ethernet over gre

HiI'm trying to encapsulate ethernet in a gre tunnel (gre ethertype 0x6558 Transparent Ether Bridging)I saw the functionnality here :

Resolved! BGP Sync rule default ?

Hello  BGP synchronization provides black hole prevention in IBGP environment.butcan anyone explain why " no synchronization" is default in Cisco routers ?. Thanks in advance.

sivam siva by Participant
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Air-AP 1142N IP designation

Hi everyone, im currently configuring an AP, connected in a trunk port of a CISCO Switch,and i would like to know if it is possible for my guest users in the AP to get a different IP address range let say a / 24 assigned, whithout a route...

Resolved! egress blocking NAT help

I have a Cisco 4331 router. I use it to NAT to several rfc1918 LAN spaces behind the router, connecting IPsec tunnels to the appropriate destinations. I have various NAT statements like this:ip nat inside source static udp 500 x.x.x.2 5...