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hello guys, I hope you're well. I've set up VRRP on two C9500s, it works but I have a random problem accessing the second C9500, sometimes it's accessible, sometimes it's not. Regards.

mnice by Level 1
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We have faced routing issue related to ibgp and ebgp peering. simple topology has attacded.main purpose is customer site1's network must reach customer site2 network and vice verse. we can ping from R4 to R3.R3 and R4 are ASR920 , R1 and R2 Cisco N54...


12-make sure vlan 2 is the native vlan13-make sure pc2 and pc5 are recheable same to 4 and 514-use a static route on r-1 and r2 make sure all vlan's can reach the server15-pc-4 should be allowed to access the web browser of the web server others are ...

11831011 by Level 1
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  Hello All, We have a 2 sites in different datacenters, let's say A1 site and A2 site. A1 site has 2x Nexus 9k in vPC, A2 site has 1x Nexus 9k. Sites have two inter-connect links between them, running LACP (1x port from each A1 nexus to 2x port on o...

peters97 by Level 1
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Good day,Packet tracer is something new to me and this is my first task.  I cannot figure out why my DNS Server,FTP Server and Web Server only work with only 3 other Sys Admin Pc but not all other Pc in other network. My router seems to not pass data...

Mirul by Level 1
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Hello.Please help me with the configuration.We have a 2921 router, we need to connect a second ISP with a proxy server.There is already one ISP with static addressing and two local subnets.A second ISP with addressing is co...

My C1111-8P has a Modem connected to Wan0 (g0/0/0) and a local PC connected to Lan1 (g0/1/1). I have other routers connected to this modem, and the network access is normal. I don't understand why my PC can't access the network, nor can I ping the ex...

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Smile丶 by Level 1
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 hi guys, for IPsec tunneling . which router to which router do i use if there's HSRP at the right side. and i want the 2 circled intranet to communicate with each other ? i've tried puting the ipsec tunneling between this 2 router . but it seems lik...

tyr668 by Level 1
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